Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Carbon Watch Review

There are some watches that seem to stand out more then others and one of these watches is the Citizen Eco Drive Gents Promaster Carbon watch. This watch is apart of the Eco Drive watch collection from Citizen watches and is a popular choice within our watch community. The features within this watch set it above many others and help it maintain the sophistication that many watch enthusiasts love.

Citizen Eco-Drive Gents Promaster Carbon Review

Let’s get right into the nitty gritty of the review since we know this is why you are reading this. Out of all the watches within the Eco-Drive collection this watch has that classic yet modern look many want. With its stainless steel black Ion plating  and the stainless steel strap, this watch is at the top for durability.

Out of all the Citizen watch collections, the Citizen Eco Drive collection surely is a popular choice and has good reason to be. With their low maintenance and minimal charging times, they’ve become a popular timepiece. This watch incorporates atomic timekeeping with radio controlled accuracy  which means yes you will have the right time wherever you go. Worried the power is low? Don’t be. The power reserve indicator will let you know.


We thought we’d showcase some of the features you’ll get with this Eco Drive watch. These are just a few of the features and there is a lot more!

  • World time for 43 cities
  • 2 alarms
  • 1/100 Second Chronograph measuring up to 24 hours
  • 99 minute countdown timer
  • Perpetual calendar

View all features on the product specific page at the following link:

Design Elements

The Citizen Eco Drive Gents Promaster Carbon watch has been designed with a sterling silver material for both the strap and dial. The dial has been done with a circle shape and black Ion plating to help with colour contrast. The display type of this watch is analog which are radio controlled and solar powered.

The overall look of this watch is stylish and modern. It works great for everyday use and also looks stylish with nice evening wear. The watch is very universal in where it can be worn and with what with the design that Citizen has chosen to go with.

Overall, the Citizen Eco Drive Gents Promaster Carbon watch has rightfully earned it’s position as a top designer watch that is a great addition to any lifestyle. The watch is equipped with many great features that it is a functional watch for everyday life as well as those days you need a stylish watch to go with a great suit.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

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