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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

For children, Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. After all, daily advent calendar chocolates, festive crafts and snowy days are enough to get any child excited, let alone with the added anticipation of receiving lots of presents. However, for the parents, it can feel like a different story. Taking on Santa Claus duties often seems like a daunting task, especially when you just want to make Christmas as special as possible for your little ones. But take a deep breath! Today, we have compiled some great Christmas gift ideas for kids that will hopefully help you along. 

Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Their First Watch

Learning to tell the time is crucial in any child’s development. However, we often forget how difficult it was to learn ourselves at that age. Therefore, a fun and engaging watch is a necessity. And, disguised as a fun Christmas toy, there is no better time to get your little one to start learning the time. 

Flik Flak BRRRAVE PINGUINS Pink and Blue Fabric Strap FBNP206

Featuring a sweet penguin-inspired design, this pink and turquoise Flik Flak piece is the perfect starter watch. The brand has ample experience designing children’s watches and uses its two characters, Flik and Flak, to help children learn the difference between hours and minutes. In line with this, the minute hand takes the form of Flik, the older brother who walks quickly around the dial, and the hour hand is Flak, his red and slower younger sister. Moreover, the hour markers are bold and accompanied by a bright minute track to make it even easier to read. 

Housed in a sturdy pink bio-sourced plastic case, the watch is built to withstand any drops and falls. Moreover, a comfortable penguin-print recycled PET strap makes it easy for your little one to wear every day. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Swatch Adult & Kids Time Together Set SZS38

For a kid, there is nothing cooler than having a friendship bracelet with your best friend. Except maybe a matching friendship Christmas watch with your parent or older sibling. Since your kids look up to you, wearing matching watches will not only encourage them to learn to tell the time but is also an adorable way to strengthen your bond. 

This winter-themed set is the perfect Christmas gift set, featuring two matching watches: one adult and one kids watch. Both featuring the same snow sports motifs, the watches are built from sustainable materials like bio-sourced plastic. Moreover, the white-on-black dial and colour-coded hands optimise ease of reading to help your child learn properly. Fun, cute, and a very unique idea, we really love this Swatch Time Together set. 

2. Disney Jewellery 

For the budding fashionista, Disney jewellery is always a sure-fire big hit. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to picking out Disney items. Which piece you go for will depend on your child’s favourite characters and films, so be sure to check out the full range. However, for a few general starter recommendations, we have picked out some popular favourites. 

Disney Mermaid Silhouette Pendant Necklace N900528SL-18.PH

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, this silver-tone necklace is a great pick for those who love mystical underwater characters. At the centre of the chain is a petite pendant, which takes the form of Ariel’s instantly recognisable silhouette. Intricately cut, her iconic hair floats around her whilst her mermaid tail curls upwards. Whether your child loves dressing up or likes to use jewellery as part of their imaginative games, this piece will surely be a hit. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Disney Winnie-the-Pooh Enamel Stud Earrings E906415YL

Next up are these sweet Winnie the Pooh earrings. A sitting Winnie wears his iconic red shirt on each earring, which is made of bright red enamel. Meanwhile, both Winnie’s body and the rest of the stud are a beautiful gold tone. An adorable piece perfect for any Winnie the Pooh fan, his beaming expression is bound to bring an identical one to your little one’s face on Christmas morning. 

3. An Interactive Watch

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a piece that’s both educational and fun for you tot, why not consider an interactive watch? These are a great alternative to big-screen gadgets as they fasten securely to the wrist, so they are less prone to accidental drops. Moreover, each one comes with an abundance of features that can teach your little one a variety of new skills, including the time. 

Barbie (English Only) Kids Interactive Watch Activity Tracker BAB4064

After this year’s big Barbie hype, a Barbie-themed watch is the ultimate gift this Christmas. Enclosed in a pink plastic case, the digital dial display is an easy-to-use touch screen. In addition to your standard time functions, the watch also comes with a calculator, an alarm, a fitness tracker, and lots of fun games to explore. Moreover, there is also a camera on the front, so your little one can tap into their creative side with picture taking and video recording. Plus, it fastens securely to the wrist with a pink Barbie-print silicone strap, making it both comfortable and wipe over if needed. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Pokemon Interactive Kids (English only) Watch Silicone Strap POK4231ARG

For a more boyish alternative, we also love this Pokemon-themed interactive watch. Pikachu and his iconic companions adorn the black silicone strap, which fastens at the back with a buckle. Encasing the digital touchscreen dial is a matching black plastic case to ensure extra resistance against accidental drops. It boasts many of the same functions as the Barbie watch, including voice recording, games, a camera and a fitness tracker. Moreover, it also has features like a calculator, so your little one can quench their mathematical curiosity too. 

4. A Lifelong Charm Bracelet

Finally, a gift idea that will be a lifelong investment is a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are both great for novelty value and sentimental value alike. Whilst your child can pick out their own fun charms as they grow up, charms can also be used to mark milestones in their life. As a result, the charm bracelet opens up even more birthday gift ideas, future graduation gift ideas, and even more. It’s truly a piece that they can treasure forever. 

Nomination COMPOSABLE Classic Band In Stainless Steel (13 links) 030000/SI-13

One of the most well-loved charm bracelets is the Nomination bracelet. Made from stainless steel, the bracelet’s durable structure is designed to stand the test of time. With just 13 links, this piece in particular the perfect size for smaller wrists.

Over time, your child can swap the links out as they please with new charms thanks to Nomination’s ingenious spring mechanism. As a result, they are able to curate their own bracelet look, experiment with different styles, and create their own charm collection. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel Enamel And Arg. 925 Bear With Hat 330204/13

Why not mark the occasion this year with a festive bear charm? The stainless steel base plate of the charm matches the classic steel Nomination bracelet, so it’s a great option to start a cohesive bracelet design. Upon it, a bear’s face is drawn using oxidised silver. For some Christmassy cheer, he wears a tiny red enamel Santa hat on his head, which gives the charm its cutesy feel. A fitting way to commemorate Christmas 2023, we think this bear charm is the perfect pick for your tot. 

And that concludes our guide for today. Did you find some inspiration for Christmas gift ideas for your kids? If you did, be sure to drop some encouragement or tips for other parents in the comments below. 

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