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How to Accessorise this Christmas

If you want to bring a new life to your outfits this Christmas, add some accessories to them! Whether this be a piece of jewellery or even a watch, they can elevate any basic outfit and turn it into a fantastic festive one. There are different types of accessories for different body types, personal styles and outfits. So, it is only natural to feel confused about which ones will complete your look. We have curated this guide to help you learn how to elevate your outfits and accessorise this Christmas. Keep reading if you want to find out more!

4 Ways on How to Accessorise this Christmas

Keep it simple

Accessories are a great way to create a statement, however, you don’t want them to take too much attention away from your outfit. Keep it simple by adding one bold piece. Less is more, and you don’t want to overwhelm your look. Styling a complementing set of jewellery is another great way to do this. As all the accessories match, wearing them at the same time will look effortless.

Swarovski Mesmera Earring and Necklace Set Rhodium Plated White Crystals 5665829

This gorgeous necklace and earrings set is a perfect way to accessorise this Christmas. The eye-catching pieces are rhodium plated and each features a pair of prong-set Swarovski crystals in pear and octagon-step cuts. An overall look of elegance is created when wearing this set; it won’t take away from any outfit you are wearing. The simple and refined nature of the set means it will only elevate your look.

Let colour inspire you

Play around with the colours in your outfit and pick a piece of jewellery, or even a watch strap, that complements it. For example, if you’re wearing a ravishing red dress, add an embossed leather strap to your timepiece. But if you’re wearing something blue, opt for a piece of solid silver or gold jewellery. Following this will elevate your look and show others that you know how to accessorise like a pro.

Olivia Burton Celestial North Star Mismatch Bracelet Gold OBJCLB47

This bracelet is made of gold-plated sterling silver and showcases an asymmetrical chain design. A North Star pendant set with cubic zirconia crystals joins the mismatched chains together. It creates a celestial and vintage image and is a perfect accessory to wear with anything blue. The colours work fabulously together and create a timeless luxury combination; perfect for Christmas.

Consider your neckline

You may have several different styles of necklaces in your accessory collection, but not one that complements each neckline. Finding the appropriate necklace to wear with a specific outfit or neckline can be quite challenging. You need to consider the shape of your neckline and try and find a necklace that matches it. For example, the turtleneck shape suits layered necklaces and the sweetheart neckline suits a wider pendant piece.

BOSS Jewellery Women’s Iris Layered Stainless Steel Disc and Crystal Detail Necklace 1580330

Show your friends and family that you know how to accessorise this Christmas by wearing this layered necklace with a turtleneck top. This style of necklace complements this neckline extremely well as it draws attention downwards and away from the neck. It can be fastened at a variety of lengths to ensure that the neckline doesn’t look overcrowded. It is also an incredibly pretty piece that has tones of elegance throughout it.

Keep your frame in mind

There are so many beautiful figures out there, but choosing the wrong accessories can make the silhouette look off. You should scale your accessories so that they flatter your frame. Knowing your body type will help you select the right jewellery pieces that accentuate your best features. A pair of dangling earrings or a pendant necklace will look great with an hourglass figure, whilst big chunky rings and bracelets compliment the inverted triangle body shape.

Radley Jewellery Princess Road Gold Plated Drop Earrings RYJ1368S

These drop earrings would flatter an hourglass body shape. Their statement design can give a pop of style that draws attention to your face; they won’t take away from your curves. Beautiful opal-coloured stones and baroque pearls create a regal image. They will elevate any outfit worn on an hourglass figure due to their bold yet elegant appearance. Wearing these earrings will show that you know how to accessorise in a way that accentuates your frame and shows off your best features.

What did you think about our guide on how to accessorise this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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