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The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

One of the trendiest young jewellery brands in the industry, Dutch-born Buddha to Buddha is steadily growing in popularity here in the UK. The brand’s signature style consists of chunky chains, but they also offer a wide range of beaded designs and pendants too. Although its pieces are incredibly versatile, you may be wondering how you can style such distinctive pieces. To get your creative juices flowing, today we have put together the ultimate lookbook to help you find your signature Buddha to Buddha ensemble.

About Buddha to Buddha

Those who haven’t heard of Buddha to Buddha and its compelling backstory are missing out. Based in Amsterdam, Buddha to Buddha has specialised in creating unisex premium jewellery using only the highest quality materials. Every piece usually takes anywhere between one to three days to make, as every product is handcrafted in Bali. Moreover, all pieces use either 925 sterling silver or 14-carat gold as a base, so you can be assured your Buddha to Buddha jewellery is built to last. 

The brand began back in 1997 whilst founder Batul Loomans was embarking on a meditative journey through Southeast Asia. Envisioning jewellery that stood for a meaningful connection of souls, Loomans began sketching out ideas for solid chainlink bracelets during his time in Bali. Spontaneously consulting the help of a local jeweller to bring his designs to life, the first-ever Buddha to Buddha product was born, the ‘Batul’. 

Today, by still using the handiwork of silversmiths in Bali, Buddha to Buddha rebels against the culture of instant gratification and fast fashion. With each individual piece crafted by a different hand, every single product created is unique. As a result, Buddha to Buddha jewellery refreshingly breaks the mould of mass production.

Feeling inspired? Our ultimate style guide will show you how to best show off some of Buddha to Buddha’s popular pieces. 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

His and Hers Black Rhodium

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

First up, we have these matching black rhodium pieces for him and her. Each of the intricately crafted designs is made from 925 sterling silver with a sleek rhodium finish. Complementing this deep grey hue, the luxurious 14-karat gold logo detailing on each bracelet’s box lock tops off the design. 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

In a style unique to Buddha to Buddha, the resultant piece is designed to age with you. Both your lifestyle and the natural elements in your environment will shape the look of your bracelet over time. As a result, just like a good pair of jeans, the black rhodium will fade into a beautiful vintage finish that’s completely unique to you. 

Measuring 5mm in width and 170mm in length, the Katja (001K01170D705) is a slimmer and slinkier design, whilst the Ben XS (001K01070B105) is slightly thicker. However, thanks to the simplicity and versatility of their designs, both can be used as a staple everyday piece. But for the best results, we think both the Katja and Ben would look best as part of a multi-layered look. For a real head-turning ensemble, try playing with different bracelet thicknesses in your stack to give your outfit some maximalist flair. 

Beaded and Balanced 

Balance your aura with Buddha to Buddha’s beaded pieces.

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

Easily pairable with any look, our first favourite is the Spirit Onyx (001J011881506) piece. Taking inspiration from prayer beads, the bracelet features a mixture of beautiful black onyx and hand-decorated sterling silver beads to inject some of the brand’s signature character into the design. Its beautiful black and silver colour scheme also makes it a very aesthetically versatile piece, so you can easily integrate it into your usual go-to jewellery look. However, the best part of the bracelet is its underlying spiritual properties. A symbol of strength, perseverance and support, onyx is a powerful protective stone that is perfect for subtly enriching your lifestyle. 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

Another standout piece for us is this mixed Spirit piece (001J011893805). Beautifully contrasting one another, alternating deep blue sodalite and golden tiger’s eye beads are threaded along the bracelet. Interspersed between them are classically handcrafted silver Buddha to Buddha beads, which tie in with the sterling silver box lock. Although it’s a relatively lightweight design, the bracelet is weighted with double the spiritual properties of the former model. Whilst tiger’s eye is a stone of bravery and motivation, sodalite is believed to help you express yourself to the fullest. So, in addition to its beautiful design, this mixed bracelet can contribute positively to your everyday life too. 

Pair these beaded pieces with one another for an effortlessly bohemian look, or let them make a standalone statement on the wrist. Whichever way you choose to wear them, allow their colours to take centre stage!

Laid-back Layers 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

Quintessentially Buddha to Buddha, the Triple Mini (001K011040105) is next up in our ultimate lookbook. For those looking to create an instant stylised look without the hassle, the Triple Mini is the perfect remedy. It incorporates three of the brand’s bestselling chain bracelets, including the Barbara, Ellen and George. Composed of 925 sterling silver, each chain bears a different weight and style to give the design its quirky edge. And, for both optimal convenience and security, the bracelet fastens at the back with a singular logo-branded lock. 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

To take this look even further, step it up with the 32mm Nathalie bracelet (001J011240105). Following the same core design, this time, the bracelet features seven different chains for an even more jaw-dropping look. 

In our opinion, these laid-back layered pieces are best worn alone so they really have their space to shine. But, that being said, don’t be afraid to play around with different ring looks to complement it. 

Tiny Finishing Touches

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

If you’re looking to keep it minimal, why not try one of Buddha to Buddha’s pendants?

Of course, our first recommendation has to be this unisex Buddha pendant (001K096620000). Measuring around 10.5mm by 13.5mm, the pendant features incredibly intricate and impressive detailing. Additionally, the carefree expression of the Buddha both embodies the essence of the brand and also serves as an important reminder to live slowly. With its robust 925 sterling silver build, it’s also the perfect everyday piece. 

The Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook

Our final lookbook recommendation is the XS Lotus pendant (001K096640000). Also 100% 925 sterling silver, it’s marginally larger than the Buddha at a size of 13mm by 11mm. Symbolic of rebirth and purity, the blossoming lotus is a timeless motif to cleanse the negative energy from your soul. To really enhance its beauty, a delicate sterling silver chain would be the best accompaniment to this Lotus.

Thanks to their skilful level of detail and the clear passion behind both their designs, the pendants are powerful standalone pieces. But, if you are partial to layering your necklace look, we recommend keeping the accompanying chains light to really foreground the intricacy of the pendants. 

That concludes our Ultimate Buddha to Buddha Lookbook for the moment! Did you have a particular favourite look? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Alternatively, to browse even more Buddha to Buddha pieces, check out the full collection here

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