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How to Build a Ring Stack

How to Build a Ring Stack

Having already covered how to build an ear and a bracelet stack, it’s now the ring stack’s time to shine. With their bohemian flair, ring stacks are a great way to add character to any outfit. Although they can be tricky to navigate, the hardest part of building one is starting. To help, we have compiled this simple guide with tips on how to build a ring stack, as well as some recommendations for pieces at the end.

Tips on How to Build a Ring Stack: 

1. Combine slim rings with statement pieces  

Varying your weights is one of the best pieces of advice for any ring stack. Generally speaking, every ring look should have a focal point for each hand. Ideally, this should be complemented or contrasted by supporting pieces. However, the best point of call is to start with your focal statement and work outwards. Cost-wise, this is also the most efficient practice, as these statement pieces are usually the most expensive. As a result, it’s better to invest and build around a bold piece you truly love. This focal piece should have a feature that makes it stand out from the rest, be it a gemstone or just its size. 

After you have identified your statement piece, you can work backwards to find supporting rings that foreground it. So, if you have a ruby statement ring as your focus, play with some thick plain bands and playful thinner pieces to accompany it. The important part is ensuring the surrounding pieces don’t detract from your focus, in order to give a structured yet dynamic look.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix silver and gold

Controversial in some respects, but it’s true. The demise of the silver vs gold feud is long overdue. Life is too short to cling to just one! Sticking to a rigid colour scheme can also be limiting when sourcing for your stack. Sometimes, luxury rings are only available in one metal, meaning that you could easily miss out on some stunning pieces. Additionally, there are many rings that already mix both silver and gold in one, which only makes it easier to curate your look. This also applies to gemstone colours. Shying away from experimental colour combinations is one of the only mistakes you can make, and will only lead to a lacklustre stack. 

How to Build a Ring Stack

3. Placement is key 

More important than the actual rings themselves is how you curate them on your hands. The arrangement of the pieces can really make or break a look, so it’s advisable to experiment with different placements. A general rule of thumb (pun intended) is that you should aim to leave one finger free. Otherwise, the look can become overcrowded, which isn’t desirable from a comfort point of view either. Conversely, it’s also important to consider a particular placement of your centrepiece. Whilst many opt for the index finger or middle finger as their chosen focal point, this isn’t gospel. Who’s to say a statement thumb ring can’t be chic? Every ring collection is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to take. So, play around with them, switch some from one hand to the other, and find what’s comfortable for you. 

4. Be playful!

The overarching sentiment on this list is to just have fun with it! Push boundaries, try something new, experiment, and be daring. Many will tell you a theme is paramount, but sometimes looks that combine different multiple aesthetics are the most interesting. Mix polished with brushed or hammered pieces, crystal set pieces with plain pieces… there really are no bounds. If you see a ring you like, it can easily be incorporated into the look with good placement (see tip #2). The beauty of ring stacks is that they are easily adjusted too, leaving lots of room for experimentation. Furthermore, they are an incredibly low-risk way to take your style in a bolder direction. Don’t play it safe, as ring stacks with lots of variation are often the best ones. 

Our Recommendations for Pieces to Include

Central focal point: James Moore TH 9k Yellow Gold Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring RD260E

How to Build a Ring Stack

As mentioned earlier, it’s easier to start with your statement. Although this can take many forms, we recommend something like this James Moore emerald and diamond cluster ring. A gorgeous central 0.33 carat emerald forms the centre-most focus of the ring. Contrasting the band are white 0.16 carat diamonds that frame the emerald. Made from 9k yellow gold, this ring is one that will last a lifetime. An investment piece like this ensures you always have a dependable base statement for a dynamic ring stack. 

Simple starter-set: Swarovski Constella Ring Set Rhodium plated 5640961

For supporting rings, we recommend this set of two dazzling Swarovski Constella rings. The first band in the set features an open-style rhodium-plated band, which is bookended by two Swarovski Zirconia crystals. Its counterpart ring is set with a constellation of three Swarovski Zirconia crystals, with the largest in the centre. Investing in a simple set like this creates a cohesive look that also ties together your other pieces. Moreover, the minimalist design of these rings means they are versatile and can be malleable to any ring stack aesthetic. 

An elegant and simple support: Thomas Sabo Charming Emerald Gold Plated Green and White Gemstone Ring Size 54 TR2398-971-7-54

How to Build a Ring Stack

This Thomas Sabo ring would make a charming accompaniment to any ring stack. Crafted from 925 sterling silver plated with 18k yellow gold, the ring takes a bowed shape. A square-cut emerald green stone sits at the dip of the curve, finished with five zirconia crystals on either side. Its unique shape means it can slot easily into other rings, but is not easily lost among them. 

Something fun: Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charming Ring 18ct Yellow Gold Plated Turtle UK N TR2401-414-14-54

For an element of playfulness in your ring stack, consider this gold Thomas Sabo ring. Part of the brand’s Charm Club range, this piece features a little turtle as its centrepiece. Set with a zirconia gemstone on its shell, the turtle charm is crafted from gold-plated sterling silver. The slim band is also made from gold-plated sterling silver, which attests to the longevity of the ring. Something a little quirky and cute, this ring is bound to attract lots of cooing. 

Textured focal piece: Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Plain Celtic Pattern Ring Size EU 58 (UK Q 1/2) GR499 58

How to Build a Ring Stack

An alternative centrepiece that would be ideal to build your ring stack around is this luxurious Elements Gold piece. Featuring an interwoven Celtic pattern, the ring is crafted from 9k gold. Although simplistic, the effortless elegance of the looped pattern makes it impossible to overlook this piece in any ring stack. For a minimalist-chic look, this Elements ring can be paired with slim gold bands to complement its sophisticated nature. 

Has our ring stack guide helped you today, or do you have any more tips for other readers? If so, please leave a comment down below!

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