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Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

It goes without saying that every girl loves a heartfelt Christmas present. After all, feeling loved and appreciated by the one you love at such a magical time of year is the best feeling. However, for the other person, finding this perfect present can feel like an incredibly daunting task. If you’re struggling for ideas, just know you’re not alone. To get you started on your way, today, we have rounded up a selection of romantic Christmas gifts for her that are bound to bring a smile to her face on Christmas morning. 

Our Favourite Romantic Gifts for Her 

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

A piece with positive energy: ChloBo Love Goddess Rose Quartz Double Point Necklace SNCC3192

Perfect for crystal lovers, why not reinforce the energy of your love with this stunning rose quartz piece from ChloBo? Threaded along its 925 sterling silver chain are delicate silver bobble beads, which add some dimension to the design. However, the real centrepiece of the design is the double-point cut rose crystal pendant. Spiritually, rose quartz is known for being a stone of purification that opens the heart up to promote a healthy flow of love. Beyond these healing associations, rose quartz is also very visually beautiful. Its gentle colour means that it’s easily pairable with a broad range of styles. Moreover, with the positive energy it promotes, it’s a great gift for your loved one to carry into the new year with them too. 

A charm bracelet scrapbook: Nomination Composable LOVE Bracelet (3 links + Stainless Steel Base Bracelet) LOVE-NOM

One of the most romantic gifts you can give is something to remind her of all the memories you have shared together. A perfect way to do this is to get her a scrapbook-style charm bracelet to reflect these memories. Not only is Nomination a classic charm bracelet choice, but we have also noticed that they are steadily becoming trendy again as part of the Y2K resurgence. Moreover, Nomination offers one of the largest selections of charms in the industry, meaning it’s easy to find ones specific to your relationship. For example, was one of your first holidays to Paris? There is a charm for that. Did you celebrate a milestone birthday together? There are plenty of charms for that too. Is her favourite beer a Guinness? There is even a charm for that. 

For a headstart, you can also opt for a pre-made bracelet curated by our team of in-house jewellers. One of our most romantic options is this love-themed bracelet. It comes with a selection of three different charms, each of them made from stainless steel with red enamel detailing. However, for the most effective romantic gift, we recommend adding some more personal charms too. 

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

Something to wear close to her heart: James Moore TH Silver 0.01ct Diamond Set Heart Shaped Locket Pendant G6909D

Lockets are a lovely way to commemorate your love, and this sterling silver heart-shaped pendant is a particularly romantic option. At its centre is a beautiful eight-point star set with a petite round-cut 0.01-carat diamond. With this diamond gently catching the light, the resultant design looks simply stunning on a medium-length chain. But, above all else, one of our favourite things about this piece is that it will allow your sentimental side to show. For example, you can add a photo or souvenir from one of your special memories together inside for an even more heartfelt touch. Think sand from your first beach trip, your first photo together, a small dried petal of her favourite flower… the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you gift it on its own for her to add to one of her existing chains or throw in a new necklace with it, your loved one is bound to keep this piece close to her heart.

A new heirloom-style piece: Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Irregular Smoky Quartz Diamond Ring GR585Y

Another idea for a romantic Christmas present is an heirloom-style ring. One of our favourites is this beautiful warm-tone Elements piece. Held in place by a prong setting is a smokey quartz centrepiece framed by a halo of small round-cut diamonds. Its faceted cut gives it a dazzling glow, making this piece a real show-stopper. But if that wasn’t enough, enhancing the quartz’s warmth is a solid 9k yellow gold band to ensure the piece stands the test of time. 

Although it can feel like a plunge to invest in a piece like this, often these rings are better quality than their cheaper counterparts. As a result, it’s not just a piece she can wear every day but a piece that can become an heirloom of its own. 

Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her

Some everyday elegance: Swarovski Stilla Stud Earrings Red Heart Cut Crystals Gold-Tone Plated 5639133

Finally, the last of our romantic Christmas gifts for her are these petite Swarovski earrings. The name Swarovski is enough to make any girl swoon, let alone Swarovksi earrings with an adorable heart-shaped stud design. Belonging to the brand’s Stilla collection, this set is made from a gold-tone plated base set with heart-cut red zirconia crystal. At just 0.5cm by 0.6cm in size, they are the perfect quiet luxury piece to make your loved one feel even more loved. Moreover, their dainty but dazzling appearance makes them both perfect for stacking as part of an earring look or wearing alone. 

Did our romantic Christmas gifts for her spark some inspiration for you? Or do you have any more tips for picking out romantic gifts you can share with other readers? If so, drop a comment down below!

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