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Festive Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Festive Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Christmas parties are the perfect occasion to adorn yourself with glitter and sequins. Accessorising for these occasions provides the opportunity to have some fun with style and add touches of sparkle to ensure you stand out. We have curated a selection of festive jewellery for Christmas parties to help you find your perfect festive look. Our top picks range from bold and dramatic party pieces to more subtle sparkling pieces that can be worn for the whole festive season.

Our Best Festive Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Thomas Sabo Star Bracelet Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Crystal Set 19cm A1916-414-14-L19V

Stars and sparkles are a Christmas staple and this Thomas Sabo has both. The bracelet is made from gold-plated sterling silver. This creates a beautiful and high-quality finish, ensuring that this bracelet can be worn for your Christmas parties year after year. The chain of the bracelet features four stars of varying sizes. Each star exhibits a slightly different design and each is set with sparkling white zirconia gemstones. The design of this bracelet ensures that it will catch the light beautifully with every movement of the wrist.

Swarovski Necklace

Swarovski Gema Necklace Rhodium Plated Blue and White Crystals 5666007

If you are looking to add some drama to your Christmas party outfit, look no further than this stunning Swarovski necklace. Set with ice-inspired crystals, this necklace will make a beautiful addition to your looks all winter long. Swarovski crystals are coveted for their signature sparkle and the variety of cuts used in this necklace emphasises this. With a mixture of round, marquise, oval, pear and emerald cut crystals in varying shades of blue and white, this necklace will make a statement at your Christmas party this year.

Festive Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Swarovski Originally Y Pendant Necklace Rose Gold-Tone Plated White Crystals 5669521

This Swarovski necklace will pair perfectly with anything with a v-shaped or keyhole-style neckline. It lends itself well to these styles thanks to the Y-shape of the pendant feature. The necklace features a delicate and simple rose gold-tone chain with a crystal-set bead at the centre point. Two short lengths of chain hang from this bead, and each features a pearl at its end. The pearl is accented by a crystal-set detail ensuring no opportunity for added sparkle is missed.

Guess Jewellery Earrings

Guess Women’s Lollipop Gold Plated 40mm Bar Chain Drop Pendant Earrings UBE03388YG

Gold accessories are a great choice this festive season. The warm-toned metal has been a huge trend throughout the year and it pairs perfectly with the cosy feeling of the festive season. These earrings feature a stud design with a pear-cut crystal set into the stud element of the earring. A gold bar hangs from this crystal, hanging freely to create a beautiful sense of movement with every turn of the head. A pear-shaped cluster of crystals hangs from these bars. A pear-cut crystal is set at the centre and is framed by a halo of smaller, round-cut crystals.

Festive Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Thomas Sabo Ladies White Zirconia Climber Styles Silver Single Ear Stud H2279-051-14

This earring is perfect for someone searching for something a little different to wear to this year’s Christmas party. The earring is designed in an ear climber style. It features a stud at the bottom with a row of crystals that will travel up the earlobe. A cuff is featured at the top of the earring, securing it in place and adding a slightly alternative edge. The earring is crafted from sterling silver and is set with white zirconia gemstones in round and emerald cuts. This single earring will create a modern asymmetrical look that is sure to get you noticed.

Swarovski Harmonia Cocktail Ring Gold-Tone Plated Gold Crystal Size 58 5642340

A cocktail ring has been a staple accessory for generations. This style of ring is a classic for a reason. Its bold nature allows it to elevate any outfit to instantly make the wearer party-ready. This Swarovski cocktail ring is gold-tone plated for a chic and luxurious appearance. It features a triple-band design ensuring it makes a statement. A large gold crystal is set at the centre of the ring. It is cut in a unique rounded rectangle shape and is secured using four double claw settings. If you are looking for the perfect finishing touch for your Christmas look, this ring could be the one for you.

What are you planning on wearing to your Christmas party this year? Are you planning on accessorising with festive jewellery for Christmas parties? Let us know in the comments!

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