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Tissot Goes Digital with New PRX

Tissot Goes Digital with New PRX

In a bold and unexpected move from the brand, Tissot goes digital with its new PRX line. Bringing us back to the future, Tissot fuses the iconic 1970s silhouette of the PRX line with an edge of futurism through the new PRX Digital watches. There are six different models in the new release, inclusive of all wrist sizes and preferences. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

The New Tissot Digital PRX

Case and Display 

Each of the six new models has a stainless steel build. However, catering to all wrist sizes and preferences, there are three different colourways to choose from for two different sizes. Available in black and steel (T137., all-steel (T137. or all-gold-tone (T137., the 35mm case models are the smallest of the two options. Each of them features a rectangular digital display, framed by either a black, steel or gold-tone circular dial. 

As for the larger case size, there are the same black and steel (T137.463.11.050.00), all-steel (T137.463.11.030.00) or all-gold-tone (T137.463.33.020.00) versions to choose from.

The digital display is fairly simplistic, which reinforces the PRX line’s vintage-inspired roots. Immediately visible on the display is the time in hours, minutes and seconds, as well as a weekday display. However, unlike many other digital watches on the market, the PRX features a more elevated design. Instead of mineral glass, enclosing the display is high-quality scratch-resistant sapphire glass, which gives it a more luxurious finish. 

Tissot Goes Digital with New PRX

Functions and Finishing Touches 

Although on first impression the display seems simple, each model is brimming with functionality. As well as the day display, there is also an accompanying date display. Moreover, other timekeeping functions like an alarm and a chronograph are also included so you can make the most out of your watch. For any avid travellers, there is also a dual-time function, allowing the display of multiple time zones at once. Beneath the surface, these functions are driven by a 4012 calibre quartz movement. Conveniently, it’s also equipped with an end-of-life function to give you a heads-up when the battery needs replacing. 

Topping off the design is a stainless steel bracelet in each model’s corresponding colour, perfect for stylish everyday comfort. Contributing to the elegant feel of the watches, the bracelets have a satin finish and fasten at the back with a butterfly clasp. Moreover, to give you even more versatility, the bracelets are fitted with Tissot’s quick-release interchangeable system so you can swap out the straps as you please. 

Tissot Goes Digital with New PRX

But, as Tissot goes digital with its new PRX models, we want to hear your thoughts. Which of the sizes and colourways will you be investing in, and why? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to browse the full PRX Digital collection here.

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