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All-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and Prospex ‘Silfra’

All-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and Prospex ‘Silfra’

Spoiling their devoted fans, this week Seiko announced an all-new Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and a new Prospex ‘Silfra’ Diver. These two models follow an abundance of other shiny new Seiko releases, including a seven-piece limited edition collection commemorating the 110th anniversary of Japan’s first-ever wristwatch, the Seiko ‘Laurel’. Both with their own charming character, the new Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and the Prospex ‘Silfra boast a plentiful array of appealing features. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

Core Features of the all-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and Prospex ‘Silfra’

All-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and Prospex ‘Silfra’

Seiko 5 Sports x Bruce Lee Limited Edition (42.5mm) Black Dial / Black Leather + Yellow Nylon SRPK39K1

Renowned for its 50-year-long reputation of reliability, durability and performance, the Seiko 5 Sports series possesses five core features. These include an automatic movement, a day-date display, high water resistance, a recessed crown and outstanding durability.

Iconic martial arts expert and movie superstar Bruce Lee was a devout wearer of the 5 Sports in the 1970s. Taking inspiration from Lee’s interests, the new 5 Sports piece features intricate artistic detailing fused with an SKX-style design. For example, Lee’s dragon artwork appears on the interior of the black leather strap, as well as adorning the dial. Meanwhile, the case and strap design mimic Lee’s classic Kung Fu outfits. But the detailing doesn’t stop there. Even the additional black nylon strap is a Bruce Lee easter egg by resembling his tracksuit. Moreover, the case back also features a ‘Jeet Kune Do’ logo, which any Bruce Lee fan will recognise as a reference to his personal martial arts philosophy. The characters on the case also reflect the Jeet Kune Do ideology of ‘Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation’.

Features like the Hardlex crystal and the 4R36 automatic calibre also ensure fantastic practicality beyond its beautiful aesthetics.

All-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and Prospex ‘Silfra’

Seiko Prospex ‘Silfra’ Sumo Diver Limited Edition (45mm) Blue Dial / Stainless Steel Bracelet SPB431J1

A fusion of the words ‘Professional’ and ‘Specifications’, the Seiko Prospex boasts the ability to withstand the conditions of extreme environments through their practicality and reliability.

Perfect for adventure seekers, the new limited edition ‘Silfra’ piece is a European exclusive. Named after one of the world’s clearest bodies of water, the Silfra features a stunning brushed blue dial. Its oceanic blue colour is inspired by an underwater view of the Silfra, which is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. The dial’s luminescent hands, indices and lime green seconds hand optimise the watch’s readability, even in low light conditions. Crafted from stainless steel, this dial is then housed in the brand’s iconic Sumo case.

At the heart of the model, a 6R35 automatic movement keeps the watch high-performing. With its impressive 70-hour power reserve and accuracy of 15/+25 seconds per day, this calibre has dependable stamina. Features like its 200-metre water resistance and 4,800 A/m anti-magnetism also successfully protect against external interference, further making it a great expedition companion.

Moreover, in addition to an everyday stainless steel bracelet, a second strap accompanies this model. With the ability to expand and contract in water, the second blue silicone accordion strap is great for underwater activity.

Although very different, we love both the all-new Seiko Bruce Lee x 5 Sports and the Prospex ‘Silfra’ model. But which is your favourite, and will you be indulging in one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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