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RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023

RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023

Marking the start of the summer months is the most recent instalment of RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023 series. The series was first created in 2017 as a collaboration with the Grandi Giardini Italiani, an association of precious gardens across Italy and Malta. Around the same time each year, the brand unveils new ‘chapters’ of this poetic nature-inspired collection. For instance, in 2022, RADO launched four watches that celebrated each season of the year.

This year’s announcement sees the release of chapters eight, nine, and ten in the series. Characterised by exquisite organic motifs, each of these new models is inspired by a different tropical plant. As a result, all three watches boast their own unique design and individual charm. But, beyond the collection’s beautifully crafted attention to detail, there is also a strong sense of sentimentality to it. Each of the plants selected is on the endangered species list. This means that as sublime as these species are, they might not be in existence for much longer.

RADO’s True Thinline X Great Gardens of the World 2023 Collection

Although outwardly the three watches appear very different, their high inner quality is equal across the whole range. Encased within each watch is RADO’s premium R766 automatic movement. This is a highly capable calibre which boasts a competent 64 hours of power reserve. Additionally, to maintain high timekeeping precision, the watches are all fitted with a Nivachron™ anti-magnetic hairspring. This innovative technology reduces the risk of magnetic interference, which keeps the movement functioning organically. To highlight and show off their highly capable inner workings, the watches also have an intricately engraved exhibition case back.

RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023

RADO True Thinline X Great Gardens of the World Chapter 8 Loulu Lelo R27113152 / R27.113.15.2

The Chapter 8 Great Gardens of the World model takes its inspiration from the leaves of a Hawaiian Loulu Lelo. Their fanned texture is embossed onto six sections of the black dial, which meet in the centre. To draw attention to this beautiful pattern, the dial is accented only by yellow gold hour and minute hands. Its lack of indices gives the model its characteristic moody and mysterious feel.

Reinforcing this is the watch’s all-black colour scheme. Both the 40mm wide case and bracelet use the brand’s famous black high-tech ceramic. For added sheen, they also both have a polished finish. Moreover, contributing to the luxurious feel of these materials, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial from damage.

RADO True Thinline X Great Gardens of the World Chapter 9 Araucaria R27118902 / R27.118.90.2

Light, airy, and peaceful, Chapter 9 looks like the antithesis of its predecessor on the surface. Despite its different feel, this model boasts the same design principles as Chapter 8. First and foremost, it also uses quality materials like sapphire glass and RADO’s innovative high-tech ceramic. In comparison to the black ceramic, the smooth surface of the white ceramic gives the watch a softer look. At the centre of the design, a dreamy white mother-of-pearl dial also features organic detailing. Inspired by the rare Chilean Araucaria tree, the geometric texture adds a layer of depth to the dial design. Topping off the design are silver-tone hour and minute hands which allow the dial to shimmer. Mesmerizingly glacial, the Chapter 9 watch looks brilliant on the wrist.

RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023

RADO True Thinline X Great Gardens of the World Chapter 10 Dragon Blood Tree R27088122 / R27.088.12.2

A little different to the previous chapters, the Chapter 10 model is the most intricate of the three. Immediately drawing the eye in is the dual-tone dial, which mimics the underside of a Yemeni Dragon Blood Tree. It consists of a skeletal rhodium top layer, cut to reveal a rose gold-tone backplate. The shapes cut from the top layer are intricate yet calculated to resemble the winding branches of the tree. Resting delicately on the top plate are the hour and minute hands that match the rose gold colour beneath. Completing the design is a plasma high-tech ceramic bracelet. Demonstrating RADO’s attentive watchmaking artistry, the Chapter 10 is certainly a masterful standout piece.

Which of RADO’s Great Gardens of the World 2023 models will you be picking? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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