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Rado’s Great Gardens of the World Watches

Rado's Great Gardens of the World Watches

Rado has recently expanded its ever-growing Gardens of the World collection. Rado’s Great Gardens of the World watches were first created in collaboration with the Grandi Giardini Italiani in 2017. The brand was inspired by how nature lessens the stresses of life and wanted to share its love of natural beauty and timeless design. The original collection was comprised of three watches, with each one designed to promote the rich heritage of grand Italian gardens. The collection was expanded in 2020 as Rado helped to launch the Great Gardens of the World. This organisation spans 20 countries and combined natural elements with the latest high-tech materials. The latest launch feature four timepieces, with each one representing a different season. If you are interested in these beautiful models, keep reading to learn more about Rado’s Great Gardens of the World Watches.

Rado’s New Great Gardens of the World Watches

The new models all exhibit a slim design that will make them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Each model has a high-tech ceramic case that measures 39mm in diameter. This case size will be inrecidbly flattering on the wrist. The cases measure just 6.5mm in thickness to ensure for comfort. The new watches are all powered by a Rado R420 quartz movement, making them a reliable companion for everyday wear.

SPRING RADO True Thinline Light Pink Quartz Watch R27120402

This beautifully feminine pink model is based on the soft colour palette of springtime. Both the case and bracelet of this watch are made from polished high-tech ceramic in a delicate soft pink shade. This colour is reminiscent of the fresh blossom that appears on the trees as we enter springtime and new life starts to bloom. The dial exhibits a subtle silver to pink gradient moving from the centre to the outer edge. A truly unique feature of these new timepieces is that they each have a different design of faceted sapphire glass. The glass on this model is faceted to look like a flower.

SUMMER RADO True Thinline Yellow Quartz Watch R27122252

The bold yellow shade of the summer model in this collection is sure to turn heads. The colour is a jubilant celebration of the summertime with a hue that is reminscent of bright sunshine. The dial features a silver to yellow gradient. This is emphasised by the sapphire glass that is faceted in the shape of sun ray radiating out from the centre of the dial. The dial is uninterrupted with just silver hour and minute hands at its centre. The case and bracelet of this morl both exhibits the same vibrant yellow shade as the dial. They are crafted from Rado’s famous high-tech ceramic for a luxurious finish.

AUTUMN RADO True Thinline Olive Green Quartz Watch R27121302

The attractive deep olive colour of this watch is representative of the peacefulness of the falling leaves and gentle winds that come with autumn. Autumn is a season of renewal, with the old making way for the new. The dial of this watch has a very unique appearance as its deep green hue is protected by faceted sapphire glass. The glass is faceted with a leaf-inspired design to really emphasise the inspiration behind the timepiece. The high-tech ceramic case and bracelet are also designed in an olive green shade to create an appealing, cohesive look.

WINTER RADO True Thinline White Ceramic Quartz Watch R27007032

The clean white finish of this watch makes it a striking accessory to wear on the wrist. The colour emphasises the themes of peace and rebirth that come with the winter season. The crisp white look reminds the wearer of the appearance of a blanket of untouched snow. The pale dial of this model is detailed with a layer of faceted sapphire glass. The facets are designed in a snowflake structure to give this timepiece a very unique finish. The white high-tech ceramic case and bracelet will stand out on the wrist and be a well-loved accessory no matter the season.

What do you think of Rado’s Great Gardens of the World watches? Which of the colours caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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