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August Birthstone Gift Guide

August Birthstone Gift Guide

Birthstone jewellery makes a beautiful accessory no matter the occasion. We have curated this August birthstone gift guide to help you to find beautiful gifts for your loved ones with a birthday this month. Many people enjoy accessorising with birthstone jewellery as it adds a bold and personalised touch to any outfit. The birthstone for the month of August is the beautiful green peridot. This gemstone is the only gemstone that is found in only one colour, making its striking green shade all the more unusual. Peridot has been used in jewellery for hundreds of years and has many beliefs associated with it. This gemstone is thought to ward off evil sports and encourage positive energy. If you are searching for some stunning peridot jewellery, our August birthstone gift guide offers some brilliant options.

Our August Birthstone Gift Guide

August Birthstone Gift Guide

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Peridot Teardrop Pendant Only GP460G

This simple pendant will create a stunning focal point in any look. The pendant is crafted from 9-carat yellow gold, providing a classic and long-lasting finish. Yellow gold has become an increasingly popular choice in recent months and is favoured for its vintage tone and warm hue. The pendant is designed in the shape of a teardrop, giving it a traditional style that makes it versatile. A teardrop-cut peridot gemstone is set at the centre of the pendant. The gemstone is perfectly faceted to ensure that it catches the light from every angle. This pendant can be added to any chain of the wearer’s choice to create a unique and personalised look.

Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold Peridot Teardrop Stud Earrings GE489G

These earrings make the perfect pairing with the necklace featured above. The pair could be gifted as a beautiful set that can be worn for any occasion. These stud earrings are made from 9-carat yellow gold, making them suitable for most skin types with a perfectly polished finish. A teardrop-cut peridot gemstone is set at the centre of each earring. The earrings will glisten with every turn of the head due to their precisely faceted surface. The gold frame that surrounds each gemstone perfectly complements the striking green shade. This allows the peridot to take centre stage and become the focal point of any look.

August Birthstone Gift Guide

Elements Gold 9ct White Gold Peridot Diamond Square Ring GR509G

The white gold of this ring makes the peridot gemstone at its centre truly stand out. The pale hue of the metal ensures that the vibrant green of the gemstone takes centre stage. The peridot gemstone set into this ring is cut in a modern cushion cut. It is perfectly framed by sparkling diamonds that ensure that this ring turns heads. The diamonds are also set in a distinctive square design to emphasise the fancy cut of the central stone. This cluster of gemstones is set at the centre of a classic 9-carat white gold band. White gold is a modern and timeless choice in jewellery, ensuring this ring will become a well-loved item in any collection.

Elements Gold 9ct Yellow Gold 4mm Approx Cz Peridot August Birthstone Studs GE2333

These stud earrings are a great choice for someone looking for a beautiful gift whilst on a budget. The earrings combine yellow gold with cubic zirconia gemstones to create a high-quality finish for a lower price. The simple stud design of these earrings makes them a versatile and comfortable choice for everyday wear. They are crafted from 9-carat yellow gold to provide a perfectly polished and long-lasting finish. A cubic zirconia peridot gemstone is set at the centre of each earring. These gemstones provide the striking green sparkle of genuine peridot at the much lower cost of cubic zirconia.

Nomination Composable Classic SYMBOLS In Stainless Steel Sterling Silver And Stones August PERIDOT 330505/08

Nomination charms are a great gift, no matter the occasion. The charms can be combined in totally unique ways to create a personalised bracelet. This charm could be gifted alongside a Nomination base bracelet so give a gift that the wearer can continue to build upon for each occasion. This charm is made from stainless steel with a sterling silver plate across the top. This plate is engraved with the abbreviation ‘Aug’ to represent the month of August. A round-cut peridot gemstone is set alongside this phrase. This makes the charm the perfect gift for someone with an August birthday whether they are an established Nomination collector or they are new to the brand.

What are your thoughts on our August birthstone gift guide? Do you have a loved one with an August birthday? Let us know in the comments!

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