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All-New Elliot Brown Land Rover Watch

All-New Elliot Brown Land Rover Watch
All-New Elliot Brown Land Rover Watch

In very exciting news to Elliot Brown fans, an all-new Elliot Brown Land Rover watch has been announced this week. The watch brand has an ongoing collaboration with the iconic Land Rover brand. They have produced numerous timepieces together over the years. This launch is one of the first times that the products of the collaboration will be available to a wider fan base. This launch comes paired with Land Rover Classic making an exciting announcement. The car company has announced the release of 25 hand-built Trophy II Defenders. Elliot Brown has created the dash clocks for these special, limited edition vehicles. These limited edition watches are a small part of this pivotal point in Land Rover history. The 1000 watches in this launch have evolved from a shared passion between Elliot Brown and Land Rover to create a truly unique design.

HOLTON: Land Rover x Elliot Brown Trophy II

The Dial and Movement

All-New Elliot Brown Land Rover Watch

The dial of this limited edition watch may look like a classic design at first glance, but when it glows a whole new look comes to life. It is created with tri-colour lume in a design that is inspired by the expedition camouflage of the Works V8 Trophy vehicles. The dial glows in shades of white, ice blue and pale green and Series Defender silhouettes will become visible. The dial features bold black hour markers and black hands that create a contrast to the pale dial. Each of the hands is a distinctly different shape. This ensures that the dial is easy to read whilst on the move. A ‘Freezing Point’ detail is positioned at the 32-minute point of the dial to indicate the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The dial is protected by toughened, anti-reflective sapphire crystal to ensure it can withstand adverse conditions.

Elliot Brown is famed for the shock protection features in its watches. This limited edition model is no exception. The watch is powered by a Swiss Ronda quartz movement with a low battery indicator. This will mean that the wearer is never left unaware of the time. The movement is housed in a proprietary shock protection system. This is made up of a steel housing that is suspended by elastomer shock absorbers which are housed inside the outer watch casing. This makes the watch the perfect companion, even in the most challenging environments.

The Case, Strap and Finishing Touches

The case of this new model has a unique appearance. It is crafted from marine-grade stainless steel which has been coated in hardened PVD. It exhibits a bicolour matte dazzle camouflage pattern, ensuring it will stand out on the wrist. The case is treated with an anti-fingerprint coating which will repel mud and grime to keep the watch looking polished and smart. The case back of each model is engraved with a unique case number to emphasise the limited edition nature of this launch. It is featured alongside the Land Rover Trophy logo and Union Flag.

This model is secured on the wrist using a bespoke soft rubber deployant strap. The design of this classic strap combines comfort, practicality and a classy aesthetic. It is minimalistic enough to pair with anything for any occasion and the material will ensure it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Additionally, each of these timepieces is individually pressure tested at various points in production. Each watch is pressure tested to 200 metres, meaning that the watch can be worn for a variety of water sports.

What are your thoughts on the all-new Elliot Brown Land Rover watch? Would you consider adding this limited edition timepiece to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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