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Reasons to Buy an Armani Exchange Watch

Reasons to Buy an Armani Exchange Watch

Armani Exchange is one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world. The brand has many celebrity associations and endorsements that have led its products to become some of the most desirable in the industry. Giorgio Armani has become a household name globally, with the many offshoots of the original brand being stocked in stores internationally. Armani Exchange was founded in 1991 as a way for Armani to create affordable and fashionable clothing for a younger audience. The brand has an effortless aesthetic that translates perfectly into the designs of its watches. There are many reasons to buy an Armani Exchange watch, and today we will explore three of them.

3 Reasons to Buy an Armani Exchange Watch

1. The brand uses high-quality materials and movements.

Although it is often labelled as a fashion-focused brand, Armani Exchange ensures to always use high-quality materials and movements. The brand uses both quartz and automatic movements when building its watches. This means that there is a perfect Armani Exchange model for every collector. The high-quality materials used in the creation of each watch ensures that the models are long-lasting and will quickly become a well-loved element in anyone’s collection. An Armani Exchnage timepiece sits comfortably between the fashion and luxury categories, making them an affordable investment piece.

Reasons to Buy an Armani Exchange Watch

Armani Exchange BANKS | Automatic | Black Skeleton Dial | Red Silicone Strap AX1728

The bold red colour of this model is sure to make it stand out on the wrist. The wearer of this timepiece will want it to turn heads as its attractive skeleton dial makes it an excellent conversation piece. The dial has a black outer edge with a cut-out at the centre that reveals the automatic movement within. This dial is adorned with silver baton indices with complementing silver hour and minute hands. A contrasting red second hand makes short time periods easy to track. The automatic movement is housed within a red resin case. This material is durable and the bold colour creates a unique look. The watch is secured on the wrist using a vibrant red silicone strap. This strap choice will ensure the watch remains comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

2. Armani Exchange watches are inspired by the brand’s fashion roots.

Buying an Armani Exchange watch is about more than just the timepiece itself. When investing in one of this brand’s timepieces, a collector is investing in the brand name and all of the heritage that comes with it. Armani Exchange has strong roots in the fashion industry with years of experience that make them an international influencer of style. This heritage means that every timepiece is instilled with a sense of high fashion, allowing them to be worn as an accent piece as part of any outfit.

Armani Exchange Chronograph Two Tone Bracelet Strap Watch AX4331

This women’s watch has a distinctive mother-of-pearl dial with crystal detailing. This shimming and sparkling finish will mean that the watch perfectly catches the light from every angle. The dial exhibits a chronograph design with a date aperture and rose gold features, making the watch practical as well as stylish. A rose gold-tone bezel and a stainless steel case frame the dial, creating a modern two-tone appearance. Mixed metals have become a huge trend in recent years as many people have enjoyed combining their jewellery to create playful and versatile looks. The watch is finished with a matching two tone bracelet in silver and rose gold-tone stainless steel.

3. Every Armani Exchange watch exudes elegance and style.

The entire Armani brand revolves around style, elegance and high fashion designs. The affordable nature of the Armani Exchange off-shoot does not mean that any of these traits are sacrificed. Every timepiece that the brand designs has an undeniable air of chicness and elegance. Armani Exchange offers fashionable, high-quality and reliable watches at a relatively affordable price. This means that a smaller budget does not have to mean missing out on a truly elegant timepiece. This makes Armani Exchange watches a perfect choice for newcomers to the horological industry and experienced collectors alike.

Reasons to Buy an Armani Exchange Watch

Armani Exchange CAYDE | Black Dial | Black PVD Bracelet AX2701

The all-black design of this model gives it an undeniable air of elegance. The watch has a black dial with black baton indices and black hour, minute and second hands. The all-black features mean that there are no distractions from the sleek monochrome design of the watch. A quartz movement is housed within the black-tone stainless steel case. The case measures a comfortable 42mm in diameter to ensure the dial is easy to read whilst maintaining a flattering fit on the wrist. The watch is secured using a matching black-tone stainless steel bracelet. The black plating gives the traditional bracelet a distinctly modern edge, making this the perfect accessory for the fashion-conscious man.

What do you think of these reasons to buy an Armani Exchange watch? Do you have an Armani Exchange timepiece in your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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