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The Surprise Garmin Epix 2 Launch

The Surprise Garmin Epix 2 Launch

Along with the long-awaited Fenix 7, the brand has released the surprise Garmin Epix 2 launch. This watch is an unexpected new piece from the brand and has surprised many Garmin fans. The new watch takes its name from a 2015 Garmin watch. However, the design of this new timepiece bears no resemblance to its namesake. The Garmin Epix 2 is a premium active smartwatch design for everyday wear.

The watch is precisely designed for an active lifestyle. It incorporates many features to ensure that it is the perfect companion for the gym, the slopes, and daily life. The surprise Garmin Epix 2 launch introduces a stunning AMOLED display to the brand’s iconic activity watch features. This creates a vibrant and elegant timepiece that is perfect for every day. The new AMOLED display can be controlled using the touchscreen and buttons. It makes this watch the perfect middle ground between an everyday smartwatch and a high-tech activity tracker.

The Activity Features

Garmin is famous for its activity watches, and the surprise Garmin Epix 2 launch adds to the brand’s portfolio. This timepiece is well equipped for a huge number of sports and activities. This ensures that it is the perfect companion for every kind of sportsperson. The watch is capable of 24/7 health and wellness monitoring using Pulse Ox, heart rate and respiration trackers amongst others. There are over thirty built-in sports apps with Performance Metrics and Garmin Coach training plans for better performance. The preloaded TopoActive mapping and multi-band GNSS tracking ensure more accurate tracking in challenging environments. This means that every detail of a run, cycle or swim is recorded.

This watch is even suited to those with more unusual sporting hobbies. The Epix 2 has preloaded ski maps for 2000 worldwide ski resorts. It also has golf with CourseView maps for more than 42,000 golf courses worldwide. The watch is equipped with animated workouts, HIIT workouts, a visual race predictor, PacePro technology, real-time stamina, daily workout suggestions, recovery time, cycling and surf tracking. This watch is truly prepared for any sport in any environment. The ABC sensors make the watch suitable for climbing, along with ClimbPro technology. Additionally, round trip routing and turn-by-turn navigation will ensure that the wearer can always find the way back to the start point.

The Surprise Garmin Epix 2 Launch

Smartwatch Features

Not only is this incredible timepiece a great activity watch, but it also makes a fantastic smartwatch for daily wear. Garmin has left no stone unturned in the design of this watch and made full use of the new 1.3″ always-on AMOLED display. The watch is equipped with GarminPay so that the wearer can shop and pay quickly. A 32GB memory means that the watch can hold the wearer’s favourite playlists so that they do not need to carry their phone whilst out on a run or running errands. The watch also has safety and tracking features meaning that the wearer can improve their personal safety when wearing the watch.

The Surprise Garmin Epix 2 Launch

This timepiece is capable of smart notifications. This means that the wearer can stay in touch with their contacts whilst on the move. The Power Manager feature will give the wearer control over the battery life of the watch. Although the watch has a very impressive battery life of 16 days in smart mode and up to 45 hours in GPS mode, this feature will help the reader to find the best way to extend the battery life of their watch. Additionally, the Epix 2 is built using high quality, durable materials to ensure that the timepiece can withstand wear in challenging environments.

The Watches

Garmin Epix 2 Sapphire Black Case Black Silicone Strap 010-02582-11

This model features sapphire glass to protect the 1.3″ AMOLED display. Sapphire glass is one of the most desirable materials in watchmaking as it is incredibly strong and scratch-resistant. The display is framed by a black DLC titanium bezel with and surrounded by a black case made from fibre reinforced polymer. The rear cover of the case is also made from titanium for added durability. This watch is finished with a black silicone strap that will ensure that the watch is comfortable to wear even when wet. This timepiece is water-resistant up to 10 ATM, making it suitable for some water-based activities.

The Surprise Garmin Epix 2 Launch

Garmin Epix 2 Sapphire Silver Case White Silicone Strap 010-02582-21

This model exhibits an eye-catching silver and white colour scheme that will fit perfectly into any wardrobe. The neutral colour palette of this watch makes it the perfect everyday accessory. The display is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass and is framed by a silver titanium bezel. The bezel is the most vulnerable part of a watch and tends to be subjected to the most knocks and bumps. Titanium is a very strong, yet lightweight, material and is durable enough to be the perfect material for the bezel of this timepiece. The watch case is silver in colour and is made from fibre reinforced polymer. This watch is secured on the wrist using a white silicone strap that will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Garmin Epix 2 Sapphire Black Case Brown Leather Strap 010-02582-30

This model has the most classic design of the three. The watch is secured on the wrist using a chestnut brown leather strap. Brown leather straps are a staple in simple and elegant watch design. This strap makes this version of the Epix 2 feel more like a watch for daily wear. However, the straps of the Epix 2 model can be easily changed using the brand’s QuickFit system. Due to this, each timepiece can be easily adjusted to make it perfect for every occasion. The display is protected by sapphire glass and surrounded by a black DLC titanium bezel. A black fibre reinforced polymer case surrounds the inner workings of the watch.

What do you think of the surprise Garmin Epix 2 launch? Would you consider adding an Epix 2 to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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