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Introducing The Long-Awaited Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin Release Long-Awaited Fenix 7

The rumours are true! Earlier today the long-awaited Garmin Fenix 7 was released. The watches are a part of the beloved Fenix collection of smart and tool watches. First introduced in 2012, the Fenix line quickly became a fan favourite. Throughout the years Garmin has been perfecting and updating the line, taking it from a specialised outdoor climbing tool to a multifunctional multi-sport marvel. Fans and critics of the brand have been speculating for the last several months over the release of the Fenix 7.

The previous iteration of the Fenix collection happened in August of 2019, so the buzz around the long-awaited Garmin Fenix 7 series is not unreasonable. Each new timepiece released in the Fenix line has added innovative features to the collection. From the Fenix 2 and the addition of Connect IQ to the Fenix 6Pro and the addition of Wi-Fi and music to the watches, fans are excited to learn about the features of the new series. As with previous launches, Garmin has released the watch in three sizes: Fenix 7S, Fenix 7 and Fenix 7X. The line also comes with either standard or solar charging capabilities.

Garmin has consistently shown us the diversity of the functions they add to their models. Though each model of the series is more or less unique due to the number of combinations Garmin has made available, we’ve tried to summarize the most common ones.

Sport Features and Functions

A new exciting feature of the watches is the touchscreen display. While previous Fenix watches could be only controlled through the press of buttons on the side of the case, the new models have both buttons and a touchscreen. This was added in order to make navigating the display easier and faster. This new feature is especially useful during running or other fast-paced activities. Instead of fussing with the buttons or pressing the wrong one in the middle of a workout, you can now quickly check any information you need with a tap.

Another new feature that has been extremely exciting for many watch enthusiasts is the fully functional flashlight. Unfortunately, the function is only available on the Fenix 7X. The built-in flashlight is LED and can be controlled through a button press. The brightness can be adjusted on the display. Fans have fallen in love with this feature. The flashlight has an emergency mode, which flashes S.O.S when activated. The feature is also perfect for those who love running in the early mornings and at night. Through a cadence sensor, the watch changes from the regular flashlight to a red light, signalling passing vehicles, cyclists or other runners someone is approaching.

Introducing The Long-Awaited Garmin Fenix 7
Fenix 7 Series

The Fenix 7, like its predecessor, is a fantastic watch for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. From beginners to advanced athletes, the Fenix 7 has many functions to offer. Features on the watches include PacePro and ClimbPro technology, a large variety of pre-loaded workouts as well as daily workout suggestions based on your fitness level. In addition, the watch includes advanced training metrics. The Real-Time Stamina function tracks your exertion level to ensure you can perform your best for the longest. The feature gives you data on when you need to slow down or when you can push yourself further. The watch also has specific mountain biking, ski and surf features. With a Fenix 7, you’re truly prepared for anything.

Health and Wellness

Traning isn’t the most important when trying to reach your physical peak. Keeping track of your health and recovery is just as essential, if not more. Though not entirely new to the Fenix range, some of the wellness features included have been upgraded for the new models.

The watch features hydration and respiration tracking, in addition to a Pulse OX sensor and a heart-rate sensor. In order to see a more well-rounded picture of your health, check the Health Monitoring function. The watch uses its various biometric sensors to help you track your health. Additionally, the watch also has a recovery time advisor, to help you maximise your benefit from working out. The feature includes data not only from workouts but from your daily activity levels, stress and sleep. The recovery time advisor can be paired with the Body Battery function so you can get the most out of each and every workout.

The Sleep Score and advanced sleep monitoring help you not only get the perfect amount of rest but also understand your sleep habits better.

Smartwatch Features of the Garmin Fenix 7

The smartwatch features on the watch have not dramatically changed from previous models. Users will still have access to contactless payments via GarminPay, music controls, the Connect IQ Store as well as smart notifications. The watch also has a safety feature. You can send your location to your contacts manually or it’ll be done automatically during selected outdoor activities via built-in incident detection.

Fenix 7 Models

There is a large number of models with different designs available for the long-awaited Garmin Fenix 7 available.

Introducing The Long-Awaited Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin fenix 7S Sapphire, Cream Gold Ti with Light Sand Band 010-02539-21

The smallest of the Fenix 7 sizes is targeted towards the brand’s female audience. This, however, doesn’t take away from the watch’s design or durability. The brand also hasn’t made compromises in what features are available for the Fenix 7S models. The watch has a robust case made of fibre-reinforced polymer. The case measures 42mm in diameter. The watch’s durability is increased by the lightweight yet hard-wearing titanium bezel. Covering the sunlight-visible display is a power sapphire lens. The lense aids the watch’s solar charging capability as well as keeps the display from being damaged. For added comfort, the strap is made of silicone. As we mentioned above, nothing has been sacrificed in the making of this model. It has an appealing neutral colour scheme with gold accents making it perfect for everyday wear. In addition, the watch is water-resistant up to 10 bars or 100 meters allowing you to take it with you anywhere you go.

Introducing The Long-Awaited Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin fenix 7 Sapphire, Minerl Blue Tiw/Whtstne Bnd,GPSWatch 010-02540-25

The Fenix 7 is the mid-size model in the range. This watch measures 47 mm in diameter. The case is made of white fibre-reinforced polymer with a Power Sapphire crystal covering the display. Securing the watch is a white silicone strap. The bezel, similarly to the 7S, is made of titanium. This gives the watch extra durability while keeping its construction relatively lightweight. The watch has solar-charging capabilities increasing its battery life in smartwatch mode to 22 days. The titanium bezel features a mineral blue DLC coating.

titanium bracelet watch

Garmin fenix 7X,Saph,Carbon Gray Ti w/Metal Band 010-02541-27

The largest in the long-awaited Garmin Fenix 7 line is the 7X watch. Its case is an impressive 51 mm in diameter. This model is perfect for those who wish to smoothly transition from the office to the outdoors. The watch is secured with a carbon grey DLC titanium vented bracelet. The case is also made of fibre-reinforced polymer. In order to suit your needs, the watch comes with a black silicone band.

You can browse our full selection of Fenix 7 watches here.

Are you excited for the Garmin Fenix 7? Will you be purchasing one? Let us know in the comments below.

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