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Seiko Announces Exciting 5 Sport One Piece Watches

Seiko Announces Exciting 5 Sport One Piece Watches

Once again Seiko has gotten anime fans all over the world excited and eagerly anticipating the release of the limited edition 5 sport One Piece watches. The brand is no stranger to collaborating with artists, as evident from several of their projects earlier this year. The brand is slowly but surely trying to expand its customer base into including the younger generation. In 2021, Seiko has not only created watches for the Naruto series, but they have also worked with Kojima Productions, a video game developer to create the Astron Kojima watch. Through embracing pop culture, Seiko is embracing its roots as well as catering to the desires of its customers.

One Piece

One Piece is an ongoing Japanese sh┼Źnen manga series that started in 1997. The manga was later serialised into an anime in 1999. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy and his band of pirates, called The Straw Hat Pirates, on the quest to find the One Piece. Luffy’s goal is to become the Pirate King and this goal has lead him to many adventures over the years. The world of One Piece is inhabited not only by people but also by several other races, such as fish folk. A big part of Luffy’s character is his stretching ability, properties he acquired after eating a devil fruit.

The 5 Sport One Piece Collection

Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Luffy Limited Edition


This piece is dedicated to the main character of the show, Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is known for his dedication to his friends as well as his rubber-like stretching abilities. He is the head of The Straw Hat Pirates and wants to become the King of the Pirates. The design features elements that resemble the steam made when Luffy unleashes gear.

The steam designs are featured on the black silicone strap as well as on the dial. The case of the watch is made of black stainless steel with a hard coating. The case back of the watch showcases the automatic movement through the red crystal. Red is chosen as an accent colour to represent the colour of Luffy’s hair. The back is engraved with his signature hat as well as the limited edition serial number. The dial features large luminescent indices alongside a day and date aperture. In traditional 5 Sport fashion, the crown is positioned at the 4 o’clock position and features a symbol resembling Luffy’s scar.

Seiko Announces Exciting 5 Sport One Piece Watches

Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Sanji Limited Edition

Sanji is a member of the core Straw Hat Pirates crew. He is the ships cook. Not only is he an incredible chef, but Sanji is also famous for his Sky Walk. The Sky Walk is a technique that allows him to essentially run through the air. The watch’s design is inspired by his technique. The pattern on the grey strap and grey dial are footprints. The flange of the dial is yellow. A day and date aperture are featured at 3 o’clock. The bezel’s 3rd marker is blacked out as Sanji is the 3rd son in the Vinsmoke family. The case back is a yellow crystal and features the mark of the Pirate Cooks. The crown features a mark resembling Sanji’s unique eyebrow.

Seiko Announces Exciting 5 Sport One Piece Watches

Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Zoro Limited Edition

Roronoa Zoro is a highly skilled swordsman. He is known to be able to use up to three swords, holding one in each hand and one in his mouth. Zoro becomes the group’s first crew member after Luffy saves him from being executed. His watch is decorated with sword slashes. The colour of the dial and silicone strap is dark, almost grey, olive green. The bezel features three indents to represent his swords. A motif of the sword’s eye piercing is featured on the crown. The case back is neon green. It features the Wado Ichimonji sword that Zoro inherited.


Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Law Limited Edition

Trafalgar Law is the captain of the Heart Pirates. Much like Luffy, due to eating the Op Op fruit, he possesses the ability to cut and teleport objects as well as body swap within a certain perimeter around him. His watch design is inspired by his black and white spotted hat. The dial on the 42.5 mm case is white with black spots, while the silicone strap is black with white spots. The crown of the watch features an “X” mark, resembling the one on his favourite sword. The case back of this model is orange with the mark of Corazon.

Seiko Announces Exciting 5 Sport One Piece Watches

Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Sabo Limited Edition

Sabo is the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. He is also Ace’s, who is the son of the late Pirate King, and Luffy’s sworn brother. Later on in the series, Sabo fights to protect Luffy, after Ace’s death. Due to Sabo consuming Ace’s Flame Flame Devil Fruit, he inherits his flame powers. This is reflected in the design of the watch. Black flames are featured on the blue silicone strap and blue dial. The “No.2” on the bezel is meant to symbolize Sabo’s position in the Revolutionary Army. The crown has a small flame design while the case back is blue with an image of Ace’s favourite hat.

All of the models are limited to 5000 pieces. The Seiko 5 Sport One Piece Watches will be officially available in November.

Are you excited about the 5 Sport One Piece watches? Which One Piece character is your favourite. Let us know in the comments below.

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