Introducing the Limited-Edition Astron Kojima

Introducing the Limited-Edition Astron Kojima

Seiko has teamed up with the Japanese video game developer Kojima Productions to create an exquisite limited-edition timepiece. The partnership between designer Hideo Kojima and Seiko comes as no surprise as both Mr Kojima and the brand have made a name for themselves through implementing innovative technologies and being leaders in their respective fields. Seiko has a long history of being influenced by pop-culture and in their design and collaborations. More recent examples of this could be seen in their Naruto and Boruto collection as well as the Street Fighter line. The limited-edition Astron Kojima timepiece is inspired by Kojima Production’s unwavering efforts to advance the gaming industry.

Hideo Kojima is an innovator not only in words. He characterizes his most recent project, Death Stranding the first “strand game”. A “strand” game is characterized by the ability to achieve your objectives through social interactions within the game or with other players. Mr Kojima’s series Metal Gear, at first characterized as an action game, is also credited in the development of the stealth video game genre.

Ludens suit

Inspiration Behind the Design

The limited-edition Astron Kojima watch is inspired by the mascot of Kojima Productions, Ludens. Ludens is the icon and the mascot of the company, as Kojima Production’s slogan is “From Sapiens to Ludens”. The mascot’s suit is designed to appear high-tech and futuristic while giving off a nostalgic feeling. When asked in an interview who is behind the skull mask of Ludens, Hideo Kojima responded that he sees every single fan, every person playing the games he designs, insinuating that the intention is for every person to recognize themselves in Ludens bold heroic exploits.

The name Ludens can be traced back to a 1985 Russian sci-fi novel called The Time Wanderers. In it, the Ludens are new human species, who appear to be more advances due to their latent mental powers. It is however not confirmed whether or not Kojima has been influenced by the novel in the creation of their character.

The Astron GPS Solar Kojima

Introducing the Limited-Edition Astron Kojima

The limited-edition release uses the Astron GPS Solar is the base it builds on. The case and bracelet are made of titanium and feature a layer of super-hard coating. The diameter of the case measures 42.8 mm. Many parts of the watch’s design are influenced by Luden’s suit. The black dial has a carbon-like texture that matches the carbon skull face mask of the mascot. Metallic yellow gold accents on the push-pieces and the dial evoke the metal parts of the suit, while the interlocking subdials mimic the hinges connecting the suits’ parts. The bezel of the model features UTC markings. A dual-curved sapphire crystal, coated in a super-clear layer for extra legibility, protects the complicated dial. The hands and indices of the model are luminescent. Securing the bracelet of the watch is a three-fold clasp with push button release. The gold case back of the timepiece is intricately engraved with the Kojima Productions logo and features the model’s serial number.

Inspired by Ludens’ high-tech suit, the watch has many features. The model has automatic hand alignment, a dual time function and an overcharge prevention function. It features a power reserve display, a day display and a world timer function, alongside a perpetual calendar, reception results display and a GPS signal reception function.

The watch is water-resistant up to 20 bars or 200 meters. Its GPS solar movement is calibre 5X53 and has an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, as well as a power-reserve of up to 6 months.

The model is limited to 1000 pieces and will become available in June 2021. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with releases from the brand.

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