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Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

Tool watches have grown in popularity in recent years due to the extra uses and functions they offer to the wearer. We have complied a list of reasons to buy a tool watch along with some recommendations to show how these accessories could benefit your lifestyle. Essentially, tool watches are timepieces that are designed to perform a specific purpose. These watches often have additional features and complications that will aid the wearer in certain aspects of their jobs or lives. Tool watches tend to be incredibly resilient and robust to ensure that they can fulfil their role in even the most adverse conditions. If you are thinking about adding a tool watch to your collection, keep reading for our reasons to buy a tool watch with some recommendations.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

1. There is a perfect tool watch for every collector.

Every tool watch is designed with a very specific use in mind. This means that no matter the occupation or hobby of the wearer, they will be able to find a tool watch perfect for them. Most watch brands create tool watches, so every collector will be able to find a timepiece to suit their style and tastes as well as their technical requirements. Choosing a tool watch relies heavily on a person’s unique needs, so it is recommended that a collector thoroughly researches tool watches before making their selection. Each tool watch will appeal to a niche interest or requirement, making them fairly unique to each collector.

Sinn EZM 7 The Mission Timer 7 Black Silicone Strap 857.030

Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

This Sinn tool watch has a black dial with bold, colourful complications. This makes the watch both eye-catching and easy to read. This model features a captive key operation bezel with minute ratcheting. This bezel is colour coded to ensure ease of use of breathing protection apparatus. This bezel also features an NBC rescue operation scale and luminous key mark. These functions are very useful as the watch was precisely engineered to be used by the fire brigade. Although the watch may be considered to fulfil a fairly niche requirement, it also has many iconic Sinn Technologies. This includes temperature resistant technology, Ar-Dehumidifying technology and TEGIMENT technology. These technologies all serve to make the watch more resistant and longer lasting. The watch is finished with a high-quality black silicone strap for a comfortable fit.

2. Tool watches are very robust.

The nature of tool watches requires them to be incredibly robust. These watches are often designed to be worn in adverse environments, such as deep underwater or as a member of the fire brigade. Many standard watches would not survive in such extreme situations. This means that tool watches must be precisely engineered to be more resilient so that they will continue to work accurately when they are needed most. The wearer must be able to rely on their tool watch in all situations. Due to this, many tool watches are designed with features that ensure their durability.

Ball Watch Company Engineer Master II Aviator Automatic Day & Date Display NM1080C-S14A-BK

In order to ensure the watches resilience, this Ball timepiece offers exemplary shock resistance of up to at least 5000 Gs. The watch is also anti-magnetic up to 80,000A/m. These features ensure that the watch is able to withstand adverse conditions. This model features a black dial with large baton and Arabic indices. The features of the dial are designed with micro gas tube technology to provide long lasting luminescence. The dial also exhibits a weekday and date display to ensure that the wearer always keeps perfect time. A stainless steel case frames the dial and a matching stainless steel bracelet will encircle the wrist. The watch is water resistant up to 100 metres and this is aided by the screw down crown. The watch is powered by a reliable BALL RR1102 automatic movement.

3. High quality materials are used to build tool watches.

To build a truly resilient tool watch, the timepiece needs to be built from high quality materials as well as having features to aid with robustness. The case and bracelet of a watch are the most exposed parts of the accessory. Therefore, these are the elements of the watch that are most vulnerable to damage. Many watchmakers choose to build tool watches using stainless steel. This material is hard wearing, long lasting, and relatively affordable. It is always best to choose a tool watch that is made from the highest quality materials as these watches will be the most durable.

ORIS Big Crown ProPilot Big Date Blue Dial 01 752 7760 4065-07 8 22 08P

Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

The ORIS Big Crown ProPilot watch is an iconic tool watch that is well loved and respected by many watch collectors. The blue dial of this watch features clear Arabic indices and a day and date display. The dial is protected by anti-reflective sapphire crystal. This material ensures that the dial of the watch is resilient against knocks and bumps. A stainless steel case frames the dial. It houses and protects the automatic movement that powers the watch. This movement can be viewed through the exhibition case back that is made from mineral glass. This watch is secured on the wrist using a stainless steel bracelet. This timepiece is water resistant up to 100 metres, meaning that it can be worn for some water-based activities.

4. Tool watches have bold features.

Tool watches are often designed to be used in adverse environments or whilst on the move. To make this possible, the timepieces tend to exhibits large and bold features with luminous detailing. This allows the dial to be read with a mere glance. Luminous features ensure that the dial can be read whilst underwater or in a very dark space. These bold features will also come in handy throughout daily life for people who are always on the go. Whilst the core features of tool watches are often designed for a specific purpose, many elements are also useful for daily wear.

Certina DS ACTION Diver | 38MM | Powermatic 80 | Two Tone C0328072205101

This Certina model features a striking mixed metal colour scheme. This palette is very on trend and will pair well with any other jewellery or outfits. The watch exhibits a black dial with bold, luminous dot indices that will ensure that the watch is easy to read. The dial is framed by a bright green bezel with clear Arabic indices. A stainless steel case houses an automatic movement. This movement provides the watch with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. This generous power reserve will keep the watch running and reliable. The watch is finished with a stainless steel bracelet with a gold stripe running through the centre. This timepiece is water resistant up to 30 metres, meaning that it can be worn for most swimming and diving.

5. Tool watches often have high quality movements.

As part of their resilient and long lasting design, tool watches are often created using some of the highest quality movements. This means that the watches will be incredibly accurate and precise for decades to come, as long as they are probably maintained. High quality movements are required to ensure that the watch will continue ticking in adverse conditions. If you are searching for a watch you can depend on, a tool watch could be the answer.

Seiko Prospex Automatic Turtle Diver SRPE93K1

Reasons to Buy a Tool Watch

Seiko watches are known for their reliability and robustness, and many of the models are iconic pieces within the horological world. This model exhibits a dark colour scheme to ensure that it will pair with all outfits for all occasions. The black dial features luminous details and a weekday and date aperture. A black bezel surrounds the dial and a stainless steel case frames it. The watch is finished with a black silicone strap for lightweight and comfortable wear. This timepiece is water resistant up to 200 metres and is powered by an automatic movement. The additional feature of a screw down crown furthers to water resistance of the watch.

What did you think of our reasons to buy a tool watch? Can you think of any more? Let us know in the comments!

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