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Reasons to Buy a Diver’s Watch

Reasons to Buy a Diver's Watch

Watches are a very personal accessory and each collector ought to select a timepiece based on their own unique requirements. We have curated a list of reasons to buy a diver’s watch to help you see if this kind of timepiece is the right choice for you. Watch brands tend to create watches in a range of styles and designs. This includes a range of watch types, allowing them to appeal to a variety of collectors. Each type of watch is best suited to a certain lifestyle or person. Diver’s watches are often incredibly robust and highly water resistant timepieces with a smart appearance for any occasion. If you are searching for a new timepiece, keep reading for our reasons to buy a diver’s watch and some recommendations.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Diver’s Watch

1. They are very resistant to water.

The most obvious of all reasons to buy a diver’s watch is the fact that they are designed to be incredibly water resistant. Certified diver’s watches have to fulfil a list of criteria before they can be formally referred to as diver’s watches. This means that collectors can trust in and rely on the diver’s watch they purchase to be water resistant. It is essential that diver’s watches have a high water resistance rating as otherwise they would not be suitable for the sport they are named for.

A diver’s watch must be able to withstand the pressure of being under water. A high water resistance rating makes a diver’s watch reliable and suitable to wear for a great many underwater adventures. This water resistance will also allow the watch to be worn for swimming, showering and other activities that involve water. This means that the watch will make an excellent companion for every day life.

Tissot Seastar 1000 | Chronograph | Red Dial | Stainless Steel T1204171142100

Reasons to Buy a Diver's Watch

This model features a bold red dial that is sure to be eye-catching on the wrist. The red dial exhibits three sub dials and luminous features to ensure that the watch has plenty of functionality and can be read in the dark. A date aperture is positioned between 4 and 5 o’clock to ensure that the wearer can keep excellent time. A black aluminium unidirectional bezel frames the dial and sapphire crystal protects it.

The stainless steel case features a screw down crown which aids with the high water resistance of up to 300 metres (30 bar). This level of water resistance makes the watch well suited to diving. The 45.5mm case houses a powerful quartz movement. This watch is secured on the wrist using a sturdy stainless steel bracelet. This finishing touch will ensure that the watch pairs just as well with a shirt and tie as it does with a wetsuit.

2. Diver’s watches are designed to be robust.

It is important that a diver’s watch is robust as they are bound to encounter some knocks and bumps. This trait is especially desirable in diver’s watches as a diver does not want to be worrying about their watch whilst underwater. A diver’s watch needs to be dependable and resilient. For this reason, many diver’s watches employ additional shock and magnetic resistance in an effort to make the timepieces as robust as possible. This is done in different ways depending on the brand and the model. The level of robustness that is found in these kinds of timepieces is a key reason to buy a diver’s watch. Diver’s watches are great for people with busy lifestyles as they do not need to be removed often as they are resilient to bumps and knocks.

Ball Watch Company Diver Chronometer Blue Sunray Dial DM2280A-S2C-BE

This diver’s watch from Ball offers exemplary shock resistance of at least up to 5000 Gs. This level of shock resistance is provided by the brand’s patented Amortiser anti-shock system. The watch is also anti-magnetic up to 80,000 A/m as well as being water resistant up to 300 metres. These characteristics prove that this timepiece is a model example of a diver’s watch. The watch features a blue dial with large Arabic and baton indices which will ensure that it is easy to read whilst underwater. The hands feature the brand’s famous micro gas tube technology which provides the watch with long-lasting luminescence. The case and bracelet of this watch are made of the highest quality stainless steel to ensure that it will be resilient to bumps and will last for decades to come. This timepiece is powered by an automatic movement.

3. Diver’s watches are built using high quality materials.

In order for a watch to be long lasting and durable, it must be created using only the highest quality materials. This will ensure that a watch is robust and will have good longevity. Due to the requirements of diver’s watches, it is likely that they will be built from high quality materials. This makes it easy for a collector to find a luxury diver’s watch. However, as watches are such a personal accessory, it is also important that a collector take their own tastes into consideration. This kind of watch is made to be worn every day, so it is essential that the wearer enjoys seeing it on their wrist. When choosing a diver’s watch, a collector can be reassured that due to the nature of the timepiece, it will be made from the finest materials. This will ensure longevity and durability in the watch.

ORIS Divers Sixty-Five Grey Dial Watch 01 733 7707 4053-07 5 20 89

Reasons to Buy a Diver's Watch

This watch features a grey gradient design dial with bold green luminous detailing. This luminosity ensures that the indices and hands can be seen easily, even when in the dark or underwater. The dial is surrounded by a black bezel and framed by a case that is made from anti-corrosive stainless steel. This case material will allow the watch to be worn underwater without fear of damaging the metal. The dial is protected by domed sapphire crystal to provide the watch with additional durability. This watch is water resistant up to 100 metres. This is aided by the screw in crown. An automatic movement powers the watch. It uses a frequency of 28’800 A/h and 26 jewels to provide a power reserve of up to 38 hours. The watch is secured on the wrist using a black leather strap.

4. Diver’s watches are designed with a variety of straps.

One easy way to personalise a watch is by the choice of strap. Many diver’s watches have a similar dial design, so the strap is a key stand out feature. This kind of watch tends to come with either a stainless steel, rubber or fabric strap. Each of these materials has its own benefits and downfalls. The choice of strap material is entirely reliant on the tastes and preferences of the wearer.

Some people find that rubber or silicone straps are the most comfortable as they do not become uncomfortable when they are wet. Others prefer the lightweight finish of a fabric strap. Stainless steel bracelets provide a sleek finish, but are the heaviest of the options. It is recommended that a collector asses their own needs before selecting a their perfect diver’s watch. The huge variety of strap options allows a collector a great amount of choice. This makes it easier for a collector to find a diver’s watch that suits them and their style.

Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic Limited Edition AL-525LBN4VG6

This watch comes from the Alpina Seastrong collection which is a family of diver’s watches. These watches are precisely engineered for water sports and activities. Therefore, they all have design features that make the suitable for underwater wear. This model boasts a blue strap that is made from recycled plastic bottles and also a black NATO strap with a stylish blue trim. This choice of straps allows the watch to be adjusted for different occasions.

The watch has a blue dial with luminous features. This dial is framed by a blue bezel. The case is black in colour and made from recycled PA 6 (70%) and glass-fibre (30%). The recycled materials used in this watch would make it the perfect choice for someone who is environmentally conscious. The watch is powered by an automatic movement that provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours. Additionally, this model is water resistant up to 300 metres.

5. Often, additional features are included in diver’s watches.

Although diver’s watches are designed to be simple and easy to read underwater, many modern examples include extra features and complications. These features make the watches great for daily wear, as they make them useful on land as well as in the sea. This is great for the modern watch collector who desires versatility in their watches. Many of the core traits of diver’ watches, such as water resistance and robustness, ensure that the watch is suitable for daily wear. Therefore, it makes sense to include features that are useful in all aspects of life as well as diving.

Seiko Prospex Compact Solar Scuba Diver SNE573P1

Reasons to Buy a Diver's Watch

The black and silver colour scheme of this Seiko model makes it a stylish choice for any occasion. The classic colour pairing will complement any outfit. The watch features a black dial with luminous features that is protected by a curved, anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The dial exhibits a date display in the 3 o’clock position to provide the wearer with an additional utility.

The watch is powered by a solar powered movement. This means that the watch takes energy from both natural and synthetic light and converts it into energy that can be used to power the watch. Due to this, the watch is fitted with an overcharge function to protect the movement. This model is water resistant up to 200 metres (20 bar), making it suitable for a lot of water based activities. To ensure that the watch is comfortable to wear in the water, it is finished with a black silicone strap.

What did you think of our reasons to buy a diver’s watch? Would you consider adding one to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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