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Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Autumn is finally here and so are this season’s fashion trends. This years autumn jewellery trends are centred around textures and individuality. We wear jewellery not only to highlight our features but to express ourselves more fully. Below we have made a list of the most popular autumn jewellery trends of 2021. Read on to learn what they are whether you like being prepared, or you want to set your own trends and be set apart from the crowd.

Chandelier Earrings

What’s not to like about chandelier earrings? They are perfect for those of us who would like to add more flair to our daily outfits. Though the shape and design of chandelier earrings vary, one thing remains the same, their ability to enhance and highlight your features. Chandelier earrings would suit best women with rounder faces as they elongate the features.

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Swarovski Symbolic | Pierced Earring | Multi Coloured Stones | 5489533

These Swarovski earrings are inspired by the night sky. Their beautiful design makes them perfect for evening or formal occasions. From the top crystal set moon, hang several stars, set with crystals. The backing of the earrings is rose-gold plated. The pair also feature Swarovski pearls for that added refined look.

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Radley Jewellery Rose Gold Charm Drop Earrings RYJ1048

If you’re after something more playful, we suggest these Radley charm drop earrings. Supported by a crystal set stud hang several chains with different charms on them. A crystal set 8-point moon, a heart charm, a pearl and of course, the iconic Scottie dog silhouette. The earrings are rose-gold plated and add to the warm autumn look.

star chandelier earrigns

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver ‘Star’ Dangle Stud Earrings H2120-643-14

For an even more elegant look, we present these Thomas Sabo Star earrings. Due to their exquisite design, the earrings will appear as if they are floating at your ear. From the crystal-set star studs, hangs a silver bar, which sits behind the earlobe and has 5 chains hanging from it. This gives the floating illusion. Each chain on the earring is different in length and features a star at the end of it.

Single Earring

Perhaps one of the biggest trends of 2021, the single earring continues to be as popular as ever, even in autumn. Whether you pair two single earrings for a mismatched look or you wear just a singular one, this trends will really make your individuality shine.

single thomas sabo earring

Thomas Sabo Gold Plated Colourful Stones Single Drop Stud Earring H2184-488-7

If you’re a fan of drop earrings but you’d like to embrace the single earring trend, we offer this Thomas Sabo piece. The earring will simultaneously elongate your features while bringing a pop of colour. Another autumn jewellery trend from this year that is emerging is the use of bright and vibrant colours. Something you’d have no problem following with this earring. The chain is yellow-gold plated and features rectangular cut crystals in a variety of colours.

single stud butterfly

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Butterfly Single Stud Earring H2195-051-14

For a more delicate and whimsical look, we suggest these Thomas Sabo butterfly earrings. The single stud will look beautiful when curated with other nature-inspired pieces, such as flowers or if you want to keep it magical, pair it with star-inspired jewellery for a subtle fairy-like look. The stud is made of sterling silver and is set with cubic zirconia crystals.

Inspired by Nature

Nature has always been an important inspiration to many. On this year’s runways designers have shown us that nature never disappoints. From florals to animal-inspired designs, nature rules this year’s fashion trends. Discover your wild side with these nature-inspired suggestions.

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Swarovski Sunshine | Rose-Gold tone |White|Stud | Earrings 5459597

If you’re after something elegant while still looking to explore this trend, why not start off subtle with these Swarovski Sunshine earrings. Inspired by nature, these subtle daisy-like earrings are sure to add glamour to any outfit. The earrings feature a large central Swarovski crystal. Around it are set multiple irregularly shaped rectangular white crystals to represent the petals.

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Olivia Burton 3D Bunny | Chain Bracelet | Gold OBJAMB97

Looking to embrace your inner child? Fear not, this delicate Olivia Burton chain bracelet is just the thing you need. Subtle enough that it’s perfect for the office, but playful enough to bring you joy every day, this bracelet features the detailed silhouette of a bunny’s head, ears and all. The bunny is placed in the centre of the double chain bracelet. The metal is yellow-gold plated.

strawberry charm pendant

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Strawberry Charm Pendant 1877-667-7

If you’re trying to embrace the sweeter side of life, why not try out this delicate Thomas Sabo strawberry pendant. The double-sided design makes this pendant unique, as it makes it look like the strawberry is cut in half, utilizing clever metalwork. An almost heart-shaped red crystal has been set as the strawberry. From it emerges two silver leaves and two green crystals.

Autumn Jewellery Trends 2021

Olivia Burton | Dancing Dragonfly | Silver | Ring | OBJAMR45

This Olivia Burton Dancing Dragonfly ring will definitely add some playfulness to your wardrobe. The open sterling silver ring features a dragonfly at one end. The dragonfly’s body is a crystal set for added glam, while the spread-out wings are cut out to add to the airy feeling of the design.

What do you think of these autumn jewellery trends? Let us know in the comments below.

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