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The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton is a brand that loves taking inspiration from the natural world. In both watches and jewellery, it has proudly made space for itself. The brand’s designs are whimsical, playful and feminine. With recurring floral and nature motifs, Olivia Burton has managed to present a new way of looking at accessories. Being elegant doesn’t need to be boring. Below we have created the ultimate guide for Olivia Burton jewellery in order to help you navigate through the brand’s many jewellery collections.

Sea-Inspired Collections

Through its Under the Sea line and other marine-inspired pieces Olivia Burton takes what others might consider a more youthful theme, and creates a collection of pieces that anyone would be proud to wear. Utilising charms and delicate silhouettes to make the line unique, the underwater line is elevated with the use of faux pearls and crystals.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Under The Sea Charm Bracelet Rose Gold OBJSCB10

This bracelet by the brand is stylish, yet retains its playful Oliva Burton quality. To the rose gold-plated chain-link bracelet are attached several shell charms. The bracelet secures with a lobster clasp and measures 175 mm in diameter.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Starfish Sparkle Rose Gold Huggie Earrings OBJSCE35

If you’re looking to show your love for the sea in a simpler way, why not try these sparkling starfish huggie hoop earrings. The metal for the earrings is rose-gold plated, making the white, blue and purple crystals set into the starfish stand out more. The starfish can be taken off of the hoops for a more moderm, mismatched look.

Bee-Inspired Collection

Olivia Burton understands the importance bees have in nature. Not only do bees help polinate flowers, they are also responsible for the polination of a large amount of the food we eat daily. Bees symbolize hard work and dedication and in order to honour them, Olivia Burton has many bee-inspired jewellery pieces.

pearl bee ring

Olivia Burton Pearl Bee Ring Gold OBJAMR109

This delicate ring is plated yellow gold. The ring features an open band for a more comfortable wear. A detailed 3D bee brings interest to the ring. Each of the bee’s wings is set with three small faux pearls. Adding some sparkle are the crystals set into the bee’s eyes.

rainbow bee huggie hoops

Olivia Burton Rainbow Bee Rose Gold Huggies OBJAME262

If you’re after a more colourful piece we suggest these Olivia Burton earrings. The metal is rose-gold plated. The huggie hoop design allows the earrings to be worn in more versetile ways. The hoops are set with colourful rainbow crystals. From each huggie hoop hangs a 3D bee with crystals set into the bee’s wings.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Sparkle Bee Silver Necklace OBJAMN57

If on the other hand you want a more simple and understated necklace, why not try this delicate bee necklace. From the silver plated chain hangs a small 3D bee in mid-flight. The bee is also silver-plated and features crystals set into the wings.

Celestial Collection

Who isn’t amazed by looking up at the nigth sky. It reminds us of the vastnes of the universe and how unimportant all of our worries are. Beatiful and sparkling, the glittering stars in the night sky resemble scatterd crystals or diamonds. Olivia Burton has taken these sentiments and incorporated them in the Celestial collection.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Celestial Chain Bracelet Rose Gold OBJCLB17

This bracelet features a double chain design. It is secured with a lobster clasp and the metal is rose-gold plated. At the centre is the eye-catching charm. A large moon and eight pint star are surrounded by smaller stars for a beautiful and whimsical effect. The larger shapes on the charm are set with crystals. There are also more crystals set surrounding them for extra glam.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Celestial Moon & North Star Huggie Hoops Silver OBJCLE38

If you’re in love with the Celestial designs as well as the mismatched earrings trend we suggest this pair of huggie hoops. The hoops are plated silver and set with white crystals. Both feature a removable charm. Each charm sits at different lengths for a more interesting effect. One earring features a small crystal set crescent moon, while the other one has two crystal set stars.

Olivia Burton Celestial Enamel Pendant Black & Rose Gold OBJCLN09

This simple pendant is perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for the stars in a subtle way. On a rose-gold plated chain hangs a single rose-gold plated disk. The disk is covered in black enamel on one side and features an eight point star, set with crystals in the centre.

Rainbow Collection

For many cultures the rainbow is a symbol of hope and peace. Olivia Burton has strived to embody the same symbolism into their jewellery and bring happiness and comfort to all.

rainbow bracelet

Olivia Burton Rainbow Silver Bracelet OBJRBB12

This rainbow Olivia Burton bracelet is simple and delicate, making it the perfect everyday accessory. At the centre is set a minimalistic rainbow, with only a few rainbow crystals. The charm it secured on either side by a double chain.

The Ultimate Guide For Olivia Burton Jewellery

Olivia Burton Rainbow Adjustable Ring Silver OBJRBR12

In a similar fashion to the previous piece, this rainbow ring is minimalistic and feminine. The ring has an open band design for extra comfort. The rainbow in the centre of the band is set with colourful crystals giving it an extraordinary shine and sparkle.

What do you think of our ultimate guide to Olivia Burton jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.

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