10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids

Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids

Learning to tell the time is an important milestone in every child’s life. Almost as important as learning to count or to read. Having their own watch will greatly help kids learn not only responsibility but to manage their time from a young age. It also becomes a fun and exciting new thing they can share with their friends and family members. Kids watches, however, need to be sturdy and comfortable. In summer most kids are playing outside and they’re rough on anything they wear, especially watches. In addition, a child’s watch needs to be fun and exciting to keep the child engaged. For this season, we suggest these 10 summer-inspired watches for kids. Any child would love them with their bright colours and fun designs. All watches are splash-resistant and shouldn’t be submerged in water.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Flik Flak SEA LA VIE | Blue Recycled PET Strap | White Dial FPNP086

This watch is summer-y and colourful and would become a fantastic addition to your child’s everyday wear. The case is made of blue bio-sourced plastic. The fabric strap is also made of recycled PET plastic. The blue strap has a design featuring deepsea creatures such as an angler fish, a colourful orange squid and a submarine. A plastic crystal covers the dial, making it easy to polish off any scratches on its surface. The dial is white and blue and has both the hours marked and the minutes marked every 5 minutes.

pink dolphin watch
Flik Flak FINTASEA | Pink Recycled PET Strap | Pink Dial FPNP084

This watch is perfect for a child that loves dolphins. The pink PET strap is decorated with pink shells and dolphins. The case of the watch is white, complementing the buckle of the watch. The colour scheme of the watch is also continued onto the pink dial. The hours and minutes are clearly marked. The model is powered by a quartz movement.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Flik Flak ORCASPLASH | Grey Recycled PET Strap | White Dial FPNP085

Most of us have a favourite animal and kids are no different. FlikFlak’s Orcaslpash watch is every orca fan’s dream watch. The colour palette of the watch is black, white and grey. It keeps in theme with the natural colouring of the animal. Made of recycled PET material, the grey strap features orcas. The white dial is contrasted by grey and red hour-markers and hands.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Flik Flak PUFFERFISH | Grey Recycled PET Strap | Black Dial FPNP088

This FlikFlak pufferfish features an intriguing design of pufferfish and angler fish on the dark grey strap. The orange on the fish fins has been matched to the colour of the case. The grey dial with a black centre featuring a smiling pufferfish is contrasted by white hour-markers. The buckle on the watch is grey and semi-transparent.

seahorse sparkling watch
Flik Flak CAVALLUCCIO | Blue Recycled PET Strap | White Dial FBNP181

For those kids who love pinks, blue and sparkles, this watch is perfect. As with most FlikFlak watches we’ve suggested, the case is made of bio-sourced plastic. The case and the buckle are pink and semi-transparent with glitter. The recycled PET strap is blue on top and pink underneath. Seahorses are printed on the top of the strap. The white and blue dial features polished spheres. Lilac hour-markers and intricate hands make it fun to tell the time.

white fish watch
Flik Flak FISHTASTIC | White Recycled PET Strap | Silver Dial FPNP083

This watch is perfect for any child. The white strap features a pattern of multicoloured fish. Fish in orange, yellow, blue and pink make the watch design interesting and playful. The light blue case nicely complements the brushed silver dial. Blue hands and hour-markers tie in the watch design.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Flik Flak KEEP THE SEACRET | Blue Recycled PET Strap | Blue Dial FPSP055

The Keep The Seacret watch is inspired by whale sharks. If your little one is obsessed with sharks and sea creatures this watch will be a fantastic gift for them. The blue PET strap features several different shades of blue from dark navy to light blue. This creates an interesting deep-sea effect. The effect is also continued onto the dial. A singular whale shark is pictured to peacefully be swimming. The case of the watch is black and ridged. Its bezel is marked with blue minute markers.

pink autumn colours flik flak watch
Flik Flak | Autumn Colors | Pink Print Strap | White/Pink Dial | FBNP093

Though the name of this model suggests an autumnal tone instead of a summer one, we still think that this watch fit seamlessly with our other suggestions for 10 summer-inspired watches for kids. The watch is primarily pink. The fabric strap has a pattern of multicoloured flowers, leaves and berries as well as ladybugs and beetles. A hot pink sparkling case complements the watch’s dial. Its dial is easy to read.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Timex Childrens Kid’s Butterfly Strap Watch T89001

If your child is younger, we suggest this children’s Timex model. While the design is still colourful and fun, the dial is easier to read and the pink plastic case is smaller, measuring 29 mm in diameter. The white dial of the watch is contrasted by hot pink hour-markers. On the dial, there is also a picture of a butterfly. The strap is blue and is decorated with colourful hearts and more butterflies.

10 Summer-Inspired Watches for Kids
Timex Kid’s Geckos Stretch Fabric Strap Watch T72881

If to your child summer means sitting in the sun, chasing after animals and running through fields, this watch would make a great present. The blue fabric strap features different coloured lizards. The underneath of the strap is lime green, matching the colours of one of the lizards. The case is also light green. Onto the hands are attached small lizards, making them look like they are chasing one another as the hands go around the dial.

What do you think of our suggestions for 10 summer-inspired watches for kids? Did you have a watch as a kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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