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The New U-boat Darkmoon Collection

The New U-boat Darkmoon Collection
Italo Fontana

The U-Boat brand was founded in 2000 by designer Italo Fontana. With a well-constructed vision and motivation to bring a new class of wristwatches to the public, Italo Fontana created the first timepieces of the brand. U-Boat’s history however can be traced much further back, to the man who inspired Italo Fontana to create his brand. In 1942 commissioned by the Italian Navy, Italo’s grandfather, Ilvo Fontana designed wristwatches to meet the Navy’s durability standards and technical specifications. The watches Ilvo Fontana designed had a defined rugged tone and were created to offer maximum visibility and water resistance. More than 60 years later, those same designs became Italo Fonatan’s source of inspiration. 

Creating watches with a defined individuality and a distinctive identity is not the only driving force behind the designer’s need to create U-Boat. The brand is dedicated to unlocking the infinite potential behind each model, technology and design. Using the highest quality materials guarantees the longevity of U-Boat’s watches and ensures they will become more than just accessories.

The Darkmoon Collection

locking ring system case back

Always the trailblazer, U-boats thirst for innovation can be stopped at nothing on the way to revolution. Throughout its research into new and innovative horological technologies, U-Boat created the Darkmoon line. The oil submersion technology, used in the line, was first tested in the brand’s Capsoil models. U-Boat has expanded the concept even further in the Darkmoon collection. The movement of the watch is fully submerged in special oil. The oil beautifully emphasizes the dial and creates the optical illusion for which the Darkmoon watches are known. The oil not only accentuates the dial but makes it appear as if the timepiece has no crystal. A visible air bubble has been left, free-floating on the surface of the watch in order to compensate for temperature variations. It is important to note, however, that as the movement is immersed in oil, the Darkmoon timepieces shouldn’t be left exposed to direct sunlight or a heat source for prolonged periods of time. 

The new U-Boat Darkmoon collection features the addition of an innovative locking system and a quick battery change feature which can be found on the model’s case back. The Locking Ring system has been implemented in these new models to ensure better oil regulation in the case during servicing and everyday wear. 


The New U-boat Darkmoon Collection

This watch from the new U-Boat Darkmoon collection has a more high-class sophisticated look than the rest of the models. While the other Darkmoon timepieces have a distinctly sportier tone, this watch’s design stands out with its IP bronze plated stainless steel case. The IP bronze plating not only gives the watch an appealing look but increases the durability of the case. The case, similarly to the others in the line, measures 44 mm in diameter. The screw-down crown is placed on the left-hand side of the case for more comfortable wear. Protecting the black dial is a domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that adds to the illusion of the absence of glass over the dial. Adding to that characteristic U-Boat look of the dial is the Arabic numerals at the 12, 4 and 8 o’clock positions. Indices are used to mark the rest of the hours. Beige luminescence has been applied to the black-painted hands and hour-markers to guarantee ultimate readability of the dial. The watch is water-resistant up to 5 bars or 50 meters and is powered by a Ronda 712.3 quartz movement. One of the more distinctive features of this watch is its expertly decorated strap. The brown leather strap has been laser cut and handmaid from hand-finished calf leather. To get its fashionable distressed look the strap has been processed in accordance with traditional artisan techniques. The strap secures with an IP bronze treated steel tongue buckle. 

U-Boat DARKMOON 44MM RED GLASS SS Black Rubber Strap

red crystal black rubber strap

This U-Boat timepiece is designed to stand out. Emanating a quiet power, the U-Boat Darkmoon watch with red crystal is sure to subtly emphasize the strength of character of its wearer. The watch’s design is understated but should not be underestimated and always warrants a second look. The 44 mm case is made of stainless steel. An interesting feature of this model is the red curved sapphire crystal. The black dial would be contrasted by white luminescent hour-markers and hands, however, due to the red colour treatment of the sapphire, the hands and indices glow a vibrant red. As the hours and minutes hands have been painted black, they blend into the darkness of the dial. It not only highlights the illusion of the watch having no crystal but due to its colour, creates the feeling of staring out into the open universe. Securing the timepiece is a black ultra-resistant strap made of vulcanised rubber. The vulcanisation process hardens the rubber and makes the strap much more durable. The watch is powered by a quartz movement with calibre Ronda 712.3. 

This timepiece is also available with a black IP treated stainless steel case

U-Boat DARKMOON 44MM BLACK IPB CASE Black Rubber Strap

The New U-boat Darkmoon Collection

This U-Boat Darkmoon is versatile and has a slight sporty tone. The case of the watch is made of stainless steel which has undergone black IP treatment. The black case almost seamlessly complements the black oil-submerged dial. Beige luminescent hour-markers and indices contrast the dial and give it its distinguishable design. The hours and minute hands have also been coated with beige luminescence. Protecting the dial is a durable sapphire crystal. The model’s more straightforward design lends itself to be suitable to be worn on many occasions, both formal and informal. The black rubber strap of the watch features a relief of the U-Boat name. The strap is ultra-durable and made of vulcanized rubber. Ensuring the 5 bar (or 50 meters) water-resistance of the watch is a screw-down crown placed on the left side of the case. The crown features U-Boats patented crown protection system. The timepiece is powered by a Rhonda quartz movement. 

This timepiece is also available with a brushed stainless steel case

The new U-Boat Darkmoon collection is nothing short of spectacular. The watches have retained key features of the Darkmoon line, without compromising on technological progress. Unsurpassed craftsmanship, innovation and finding ways of implementing new technologies is at the core of U-Boat’s philosophy and its values.

What do you think of the new U-Boat Darkmoon collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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