The MeisterSinger Astroscope

The MeisterSinger Astroscope

Perhaps one of the most unique brands out there is MeisterSinger. Since its conception, the brand has taken the concept of time and has created its distinctive philosophy around it. It has become a unique design feature of the brand. MesiterSinger watches have only one hand, inspired by sundials and early watches. The brand’s philosophy centres around learning to appreciate time and to value the time we have ahead rather than how much has passed. They have now released their newest limited edition model the MeisterSinger Astroscope.

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The new Astroscope is limited to 100 pieces. It displays not only time but the days of the week like never before. The watch displays the days in connection to the planets they are associated with. The days of the week have been connected to the planets and other celestial objects since we first began to study the night sky. The moon and its cycles are to this day influences how we view time. Ancient Babylonians dedicated 28 days to a full moon cycle and allocated each moon phase 7 days. This structure also led to the Babylonians developing a horoscope system, allocating a planet to each of the 7 days. In later years, this 7-day system was adopted throughout the ancient world. With the release of the MeisterSinger Astroscope, the brand has paid homage to those early astronomers, not only with the one-handed design of the watch but also with the inclusion of the planetary symbols onto the dial. This beautiful model is created as a celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary.

The MeisterSinger Astroscope

The case measures 40 mm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. Its dial is dark, evoking the night sky. A hand and a white minute scale at the edge of the dial contrast the dial. Orange detailing on the dial gives the design a contemporary pop of colour and ties in the dial with the bright orange calfskin strap. An exhibition case back showcases the movement. The dial is encased by a sapphire crystal

The day indicator has been elevated through the inclusion of the planetary symbols into the design. Each planetary symbol is placed below the day it represents. A white dot appears below the current day. Unlike a traditional timepiece, the days on this watch do not appear linear. The days are displayed in a wondering fashion. The pattern isn’t random but represents a constellation which only occurs once every 10 to 12 years. They start on Monday at 12 o’clock, to Tuesday at 11, Wednesday at 9 o’clock, Thursday across from it at 3 o’clock under the sign for Jupiter and so on.

The watch also has a date function at the 6 o’clock position. Its movement is automatic with a power reserve of up to 38-hours. The calibre of the movement is Sellita SW 220-1. The watch is water-resistant up to 5 bars or 50 meters.

The Astroscope is now available here. Follow the link here to browse our other MesiterSinger models.

What do you think of the MeisterSinger Astroscope’s creative design? Let us know in the comments below.

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