Introducing The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition
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The world’s ocean makes up the majority of livable space on Earth and contains 97% of the planet’s water. It is no surprise that oceans are an integral part of our survival as a species. More than 3.5 billion people depend on the oceans for their living, with experts predicting this will increase almost double in the next two decades. Since the dawn of humanity, people have relied on the Earth’s waterways and have settled on coasts and around lakes and rivers. Over the years we have seemed to have forgotten how important the water is to us. Water pollution is at critical levels and water temperatures are at an all-time high, thousands of underwater species are endangered and threatened with probably thousands more going extinct before they are ever discovered. In an effort to aid the preservation not only of our oceans but the life within them, Oris has released the Oris Whale Shark limited edition.

Whale Sharks

whale shark

The brand’s Change for the Better campaign created this model specifically in support of photographer Gerardo del Villar, who is also an Oris ambassador. A central focus in this campaign takes the ocean’s gentle giants, the whale sharks. The whale sharks is a filter-feeding carpet shark. It is the largest fish known to man, being able to grow up to 62 feet. They are found in tropical waters and are the largest out of only three filter-feeding shark species. Unfortunately, this beautiful creature is classed as endangered. Unbeknownst to many, the presence of sharks is an indication to the health of the ocean or area. Being at the top of to food chain, sharks guranatee a larger diversity and balance in fish species.

The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

Introducing The Oris Whale Shark Limited Edition

This limited edition model retains the beautiful Aquis silhoette while showcasing a new unique design for Oris. The case of the watch and its bracelet are made of stainless steel. The case measures 43.5 mm in diameter. The ridged unidirectional black and blue bezel on the model is made of ceramic. A never-before-seen patter inspired by the skin of whale sharks is engraved into the blue gradient dial. The gradient starts a muted light blue in the center of the dial and transitions into a dark navy almost black towards the edges, invoking the depth and vastness of the oceans. Rounded luminesent hands and indices contrast the dial.

A sapphire crystal encases the dial and increases the durability of the watch. It has an anti-reflective layer on the inside. The case back of the model features a special engraving of a whale shark alongside the limited edition number of the watch. The model has a screw-down security crown and is water-resistant up to 300 meters or 30 bars.

case back

The movement on the watch is automatic with calibre Oris 798. It has a power-reserev of up to 42 hours. Features on the watch include a central 24-hour hand, a date aperture, date and 24-hour corrector, fine timing device and stop-second alongside the hours, minutes and seconds.

The Oris Whale Shark limited edition watch is limited to 2016 pieces.

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Will you be purchasing the Oris Whale Shark limited edition? What is you’re favoruite limited edition Oris timepiece? Let us know in the comments below.

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