Swatch Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring 

Swatch Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring

Popular culture is ever-changing and evolving in the same way humanity is. Pop culture isn’t stationary, however, still, there emerge icons. Created in 1928, Mickey Mouse is amongst if not the most recognizable characters of the last century. The unforgettable silhouette and colour palette of this beloved character has become a symbol in pop culture. Over the years many artists have started using pop culture as both a medium and subject. 

Keith Haring was amongst the artists popularizing this style of art from the 1980s. He raised to fame through his graffiti work and later became an activist supporting the LGBTQ+ community through his work and the messages of his art. 

This new collection Swatch Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring has been inspired by Haring’s art and his well-known affinity towards the pop culture icon that is Mickey Mouse. Swatch has an established relationship with the artist, first collaborating on a collection in 1986.

Whether you’re a fan of Disney, Swatch or the amazing work of Keith Haring, this playful collection aims to bring a touch of childhood joy into your everyday life and remind you of the wonder the world holds. Fun yet far from juvenile, these models are sure to add some happiness into your everyday life. 

mouse marinier

Mouse Marinier

The Mouse Marinier model is inspired by the character’s signature colours red, white and black. Its case is made of clear plastic and measures 34 mm in diameter. The dial is intricately designed. The double-layer illusion is created through Keith Haring illustration of Disney’s most famous character being printed on the glass. It stands out and creates a cohesive work of art, against the red-striped white dial. The striped motif if carried on onto the silicone strap. Half of the strap mimics the dial with red and white stripes while the other half is a solid red colour with a white underside. The Disney logo and Keith Haring’s signature have been printed onto the strap’s free loops to mark the collaboration. The watch is quartz powered and splash resistant. 

mickey blanc sur noir

Mickey Blanc Sur Noir

Standing out with it’s more minimalist style the Mickey Blanc Sur Noir watch features a mostly monochromatic black and white design with the exception of some small bright yellow detailing. The 41 mm case is made of opaque black plastic keeping the design understated, ensuring the artwork truly stands out. At the centre of the black dial, another one of Haring’s works of Mickey Mouse is featured. Delicately contrasting the otherwise simple design is a set of skeleton pop-yellow hands. Adding another pop of colour is the single yellow loop on the strap. The watch has a quartz movement. 

eclectic mickey

Eclectic Mickey

The style of this watch embodies the heart of Keith Haring’s work. Bold primary colours are mixed with the artist’s iconic curved line work. The black and white dial shows Mickey as if looked through a hypnotised gaze. The lines bend in and out creating a mirage-like effect. The design is carried onto the white strap. A bright blue plastic 41 mm case breaks up the mesmerising pattern. A red buckle, yellow baton hands and a yellow loop create cohesiveness throughout the design, elevating the timepiece into the realm of true art. The watch is splash resistant and has a quartz movement. 

Which of these watches from the Swatch Mickey Mouse X Keith Haring collaboration do you find most intriguing and why? Let us know in the comments below. 

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