A Guide To Buying Children’s Watches This Christmas

Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Learning to tell the time is an important moment in every child’s life. Arguably it’s also one of the most useful skills one could have. As adults we don’t tend to think much about the simple skills we’ve acquired over the years, such as reading, counting or telling the time. For children, however, it’s a whole new world. It opens a range of possibilities in front of them and allows them a look into what it’s like to be grown up. It makes them feel important and special. Christmas seems like the perfect time to get your little one started on the path to discovery and curiosity. A watch makes a great Christmas present for older children as well, not only for those learning to tell time. All children tend to want to imitate their parents so if you are an avid watch collector it’ll be no surprise to you that your little one is picking up on your passions and wanting to be like their parent. Below we have compiled a guide to buying children’s watches this Christmas, to give you some ideas and help you find the perfect present for your child.

There’s only a few things you need to keep in mind when buying a watch for a child. They will most definitely drop,scratch or fall on said watch so it will need to be incredibly durable. It also needs to be comfortable and easy to read, with large hour markers and little to no complications. Last but not least each child is an individual just like their parents so the watch should suit the child and its interests. 

For Those Just Learning

a Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Timex Youth Analog Unicorn Watch

This adorable Timex watch is for all kids in love with anything pink and sparkly. Covered in unicorns, stars and rainbows the design is whimsical and perfect for a young child. The case is made of pink and glitter plastic. Its fabric strap is stretchy and comfortable. The white dial features large pink and blue Arabic numeral hour markers. To make reading the time even easier the hands are marked to say hour and minutes and are in blue and pink respectively. The dial features silver glitter stars and a small unicorn at the 7 o’clock position. 

ballerina timex

Timex Kids Pink Ballerina Analogue Strap Watch

If you have a ballerina at home, this watch would become an instant hit. The pink fabric strap is decorated with magic wands and pink ballet shoes as well as small pink and blue stars. A solid pink plastic case guarantees the mechanism is safe in case of accidents. The minutes scale contrasting the white dial is split in two, one side being pink and the other purple, so that when telling the minutes the child can distinguish between minutes “to” and “past” easier. As in the previous model the hands are marked with hour and minute. The second’s hand is in the form of ballerina shoes. 

a Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Timex Kids Geckos Stretch Watch

If on the other hand you have a future herpetologist or reptile enthusiast at home, this adorable watch is a must have. Your little scientist will be thrilled with this gecko decorated watch. The blue stretch fabric strap is covered in green and yellow lizards. The plastic case is vibrant green and semi-transparent. This model is for children who are more advanced with telling the time as it does not feature markings to distinguish the hours or minutes hands. The Arabic numeral hour markers and minutes scales are written with large clear numbers. Its minutes and hours hands have a gecko attached to each giving the impression of the two lizards chasing each other around the dial. 

football timex

Timex Youth Analogue Blue Strap Soccer

Your young football player will be thrilled to receive this fun watch for Christmas. The model has a blue semi-transparent plastic case and a blue fabric strap with different coloured footballs and a goal. A vibrant green minutes scale, resembling the colour of a football pitch,  contrast the white dial. The hands on this watch are marked with hour and minute so that the child can tell them apart easier. 

For The Young and Active

a Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2, Disney Frozen 2 – Anna

This Garmin Vivofit Jr. model is perfect for the kids who love technology and lead an active lifestyle to rival that of their parents. This model is purple and features embossed princess Anna, from Frozen, decorations. This watch is not only useful for kids. It proves incredibly useful for parents as well. The watch connects to an application which unlocks adventures and creates an incredibly fun and interactive experience for the child. The Disney Frozen 2 app your child can unlock adventures and activities, play games, gather collectables and discover new ways to be active. The Vivofit Jr. will track your child’s sleep and activity levels so that you can make sure they are as healthy as possible. You can use the device to motivate your child by setting chores and rewards as well as reminders and alarms for more important tasks. The strap is made of silicone. Its display is sunlight visible. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 metres so there’s no need to worry if it gets wet.

garmin vivofit jr spiderman

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2, Spider-Man, Red

Similar to the previous Vivofit Jr. model, this smartwatch allows you to keep track of your child’s daily activity, their sleep. It allows you to set chores, reminders and lets the child collect rewards for completed tasks. The model comes with the Marvel Spider-Man app. Through the app your young ones can collect collectables, find new ways to stay active and unlock a variety of adventures. The strap is made of durable red silicone and features embossings of Spider-man and his spiderwebs. 

For The Wanna-be Adults

a Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Ben Sherman Kids Brown Wallet & Watch Gift Set

As we mentioned earlier, every child’s dream is to be like their parents. This children’s Ben Sherman watch allows you and your children to match fully.  The case on the watch measures at 34 mm and is made of stainless steel. A dark brown leather strap guarantees your child comfort. The navy dial is contrasted by large white Arabic-numerals for easier reading. Its bezel is engraved with a black minute scale. The sword-shaped hands are luminescent. 

white lacoste

Lacoste 12.12 Kids Watch White Rubber Strap

This monochrome white watch looks grown-up and sophisticated. Your child would love wearing it on days out and to show off to their friends. The silicone band and plastic case make the watch durable and comfortable to wear. The hour-markers are large and the Lacoste logo features at the 3 o’clock position. Interest is added to the watch through the hands which match the green, red and black logo and the green crown. 

a Guide To Buying Children's Watches This Christmas

Timex Womens/Kids Pink Strap Watch

Another adult watch in a miniature form, this model is sure to make any child jump for joy to be like their parent. The light baby pink strap is made of genuine leather. Its round case is made of stainless steel. Large black numerals, hour and minute hands contrast the white dial. The second hand is in a matching to the strap soft pink. 

lorus digital

Lorus Childrens Lorus Watch

If your little one isn’t a fan of analog watches, a digital watch might be perfect for them. Digital display watches are perfect for those just learning to tell the time as the numbers are easier and more straight forward, and for the always active children. This watch is in a vibrant almost neon purple. The integrated strap and case are made of plastic. The model comes with an alarm function and a light. It is water-resistant to 10 bars or 100 metres making it perfect for future swimmers and kids who love the water. 

What do you think of our guide to buying children’s watches this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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