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Engagement Rings For A Christmas Proposal

Engagement Rings For A Christmas Proposal

Wintertime is peaceful and undeniably beautiful. The brilliant white snow covering the ground, snowflakes dancing through the air, steaming mugs of coffee or tea, spending time with friends and family, everything about winter is about love and being close to one another. Christmas is a time for family and new beginnings. What better time to embark on a life-changing journey with our partner. The Christmas period has the added bonus of twinkling lights covering every surface and gives you an excuse to spend the night drinking mulled wine in front of the fireplace and reminisce about your lives together. Use the romance of the season to your advantage and create an unforgettable experience for both you and your partner. Below we have curated a list of engagement rings for a Christmas proposal to help you tap into the magic of the season to make your proposal as spectacular as possible.

Engagement Rings For A Christmas Proposal

LM 0.65ct Diamond (G SI1) 18ct White Gold

You can never go wrong with a diamond ring, especially when it looks as dazzling as this. The band is made out of 18 karat white gold and is set with diamonds halfway around. The design is a more modern take on the traditional halo style. It, however, still keeps its refined and sophisticated look. A large round diamond is featured in the centre. A halo of smaller diamonds is set around it and highlights its exceptional beauty.


Elements Gold 9k Rose Gold Diamond Pink Morganite Ring

Slowly but surely alternative gemstones are replacing diamonds at the top when it comes to most popular stones in engagement rings. Morganite specifically has swept the competition in the last year. As a stone it is associated with compassion and promises, making it the ideal gem for an engagement ring. This Elements ring features an oval-cut morganite with a cushion-shaped halo of diamonds. The band is 9 karat rose gold. Its warm colour accentuates and highlights the soft pale pink of the morganite.

sapphire halo ring

Treasure House 9k White Gold Diamond Rubover Sapphire Ring

Before the late 1940s diamonds were much less popular in engagement rings. Sapphires were extremely popular, especially due to their connection to fulfilment, joy and truth. Its timeless design is sure to leave your partner speechless. This stunning halo style ring features an oval cut sapphire surrounded by diamonds. The band is also diamond set and is made of 9 karat white gold.

Engagement Rings For A Christmas Proposal

Certified Diamond 0.50ct D SI1 GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

This halo style ring has a more traditional look for those who want to shine with a timeless class. A round cut diamond is set in the middle of the ring and is surrounded by diamonds. The shape of the ring is a cushion, the delicate curves giving it a more distinctly feminine silhouette. Its band is made of platinum.

triple diamond ring

Certified Diamond 0.61ct H SI1 IGI Diamond Engagement Ring

If you know your partner prefers something more understated and subtle, this delicate elegant ring is just the one for you. The design is minimalist while still remaining stylish and high-class. The diamonds, one larger central one and two smaller on each side. Its band is made of platinum.

Which one of these engagement rings for a Christmas proposal do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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