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The Casio Baby-G Decora Watches

The Casio Baby-G Decora Watches

Casio is a brand recognised for their high-tech and extremely practical timepieces. It appears that with the release of the Casio Baby-G Decora watches the brand has strayed from their usual masculine silhouette and distinctive utilitarian aesthetic. Inspired by Japanese kawaii fashion these adorable colourful timepieces stand out amongst the rest of Casio’s G-Shock watches. With these models Casio is striving to encapsulate an influential moment in Japanese fashion. Expanding their style reach even more and offering something for anyone, the Japanese electronics giant is asserting its rightful place amongst the leaders in Japanese watchmaking.

Decora Fashion

When it comes to fashion Japan is known for its innovative and intricate streetwear. For years, Harajuku district in Shibuya, Tokyo has been seen as the center of Japanese youth fashion and culture. Over time the over-the-top Decora style has become the face of Harajuku.

lifestyle baby-g purple

Decora, derived from “decoration”, is a fashion style characterized by large and multiple accessories and use of bright colours. The style is playful with a distinct youthful tone. Some might say it has a child-like aesthetic. It is inspired by 80s cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake. It also borrows its colour palette from the decade. Bright pastel colours and neons are core features of Decora. Dark base colours can also be used as the clothes themselves aren’t as important as the colourful accessories. The style is eclectic and the most important element is the presence of as many cute accessories as possible. 

The Casio Baby-G Decora Watches

The Baby-G Decora watches use the BA-110 model as a base. It’s far more masculine look contrasts and tones down the excessive kitsch aesthetic of Decora. 

The Casio Baby-G Decora Watches

Casio Baby-G Decora Purple Detail Watch

This version of the models uses the far less popular black as a base colour. The watch has retained its masculine rugged silhouette making it more palatable for those not familiar with the style. Its case and bezel are made of resin and the case measures 46.3 mm in diameter. A resin strap secures the watch and guarantees its wearer comfort. A mineral crystal covers the intricate dial. The dial, in various shades of pink and purple is what makes this watch truly stand out. Luminescent hands in yellow brighten up the otherwise dark colour palette of the watch. Luminescent indices in metallic blue complement the dial. Functions on the model include a world timer with 29 time zones, a stopwatch and countdown timer. It also has alarms, a built in LED light as well as a perpetual calendar to 2099. The watch is shock resistant and water resistant up to 100 metres or 10 bars. 

The Casio Baby-G Decora Watches

Casio Baby-G Decora Rainbow Detail Watch

The base colour of this model is white. It’s colour palette is brighter and more in line with traditional Decora fashion. Words in yellow, green and blue feature on the resin dial. The 46.3 mm case and the bracelet are also made of resin. Bright yellow luminescent indices, connected by a pastel yellow band, feature on the edge of the display. Pink, turquoise and baby blue elements feature throughout the design of the dial. The combination of colours adds a distinct fun and girlish look to the watch. The features of the watch remain the same as the darker black and purple model. It has a world timer and a perpetual calendar to 2099. It displays the time in a 12/24 format and has alarms available as well as a built-in LED light. It features a stopwatch and a countdown timer. The watch is water resistant up to 10 bars or 100 metres. It is also shock resistant. The crystal is mineral glass.

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