Introducing Raymond Weil

Introducing Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil is a luxury Swiss owned watch brand. The brand is known for its modern approach, constant innovation and beautiful luxury timepieces. A true leader in Swiss watchmaking, Raymond Weil has held onto its core values never straying or compromising on its beliefs. Deservedly, the brand has cultivated a reputation of producing exquisite high quality timepieces.

Introducing Raymond Weil ‘s Values

Always striving for perfection and unsurpassed Swiss quality, the brand’s values are centred around showcasing its expertise in the horological industry, in addition to designing beautiful sophisticated models. Precision is key, both in music and watchmaking, and Raymond Weil understands that. Carrying on Mr. Weil’s vision of Swiss excellence, the brand aims to produce reliable watches which combine within themselves the grace of music and the technical know-how of years of knowledge. With almost 45 years of experience, the brand still manages to create new innovative awe-inspiring pieces.

Introducing Raymond Weil ‘s History

Raymond Weil founded his namesake company in 1976. At the time, Swiss watchmaking was threatened by the invention of the quartz movement. Innovation, however, did not scare Mr. Weil. On the contrary, it excited him. In spite of what looked like a very difficult period to come for Swiss watchmakers, the luxury brand was born from a vision of how Swiss watchmaking should be. Through relying on his, instinct, enthusiasm towards the future and his horological expertise, Raymond Weil managed to breathe new life to the industry.

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The brand’s early collections were praised for their outstanding quality by both professionals and enthusiasts. Over the years, Raymond Weil has cultivated its core beliefs of precision, skill and quality, while maintaining a connection to without a doubt its biggest inspiration – music. From the very beginning, music had a large role to play. Another important element for the founder was family. In 1982 Mr. Weil’s son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, joined the business, ensuring it stayed in the family. Around this time, music began to distinguish itself as the biggest source of inspiration for the brand. The Amadeus collection was launched in 1983 and marked the beginning of what would become Raymond Weil’s most distinguishing characteristic. With Mr. Bernheim’s introduction into the business began a period of modernisation. A heavier focus was put on marketing and restructuring. In 1996 Bernheim took over as CEO of Raymond Weil.

The late 1990’s and early 2000s marked a new era for the brand. It embraced many technological and creative innovations. Establishing its expertise in the field of watchmaking, Raymond Weil patented an interchangeable bracelet system for its Shine collection and the Two time zone complication.

A few years later, after the 3rd generation of Mr. Weil’s family joined the business, the brand began strengthening its relationship with the music industry. Returning to it’s roots, Raymond Weil partnered with the BRIT awards in 2008 and has been an official partner since. Over time the brand expanded their musical partnerships. They have collaborated with Universal Music, rock giant AC/DC, Marshall Amplification and Gibson guitars. Elie Bernheim, grandson of Mr. Raymond Weil has been CEO of the company as of 2014.

Introducing Raymond Weil

Continuing to 2020, Raymond Weil has carried on expanding its partnerships and collaborations with both artists and events. Amongst its most popular timepieces are watches from collaborations with The Beatles and David Bowie. However, the brand has not forgot its innovative past, and recently released its first in-house movement Calibre RW1212.

If you are interested in purchasing a Raymond Weil watch, you can do so by following the link here.

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