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How To Expertly Layer Jewellery

how to expertly layer jewellery?

Layering jewellery is a way to express yourself and create a signature personalized look. Wearing all your favourite pieces at once is fun but it can definitely seem intimidating. Effortless chic doesn’t always live up to its name. With so many elements, it becomes easy to miss looking carefree and start looking careless. The line between the two is thin but fear not. We have constructed a detailed guide on how to expertly layer jewellery. Necklaces or bracelets, adding a touch of flare to your outfits will become as easy as breathing with these few simple tips.

Why should I layer my jewellery?

Apart from being able to wear all of your favourites at the same time, layering can do wonders for your style. Just like layering jackets and tops, layering jewellery adds dimension and makes an outfit more dynamic. It’s a fast simple way of creating a well put together look with only a few pieces. Layers can break up a solid coloured or monochrome outfit. It also adds more interest to simple neutral coloured tops. Any casual jeans and t-shirt combination will look begin looking like it was borrowed from a style magazine.

Layering is also an easy way to experiment. You want to try out a more edgy style? Add more dramatic layers. You want to tone your wardrobe down and appear classy and sophisticated? Layer thin dainty jewellery. No style is nothing outside your reach.

How to layer necklaces

When first starting to layer necklaces it’s important to vary the lengths of the pieces. Of equal importance is the spacing between each necklace. Apart from those two guidelines, there’s not much more to layering necklaces. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, metals and thicknesses. For example you can mix leather or gemstones with metals. Don’t overthink your combinations. Be bold, experiment and have fun.

For a youthful look, layer this simple yet charming ChloBo gold plated necklace and this Thomas Sabo chain. The bulkier design of the Rhythm of Water necklace will subtly contrast the other chain. The Thomas Sabo necklace is made of 18 karat yellow gold. Keeping the metals the same colour adds continuity to the look. In addition, the multi-coloured stones on the Thomas Sabo chains will add a pop of colour and brighten the combination.

If you’re after a more Bohemian-inspired style or prefer longer pieces, this combination will work perfectly for you. The necklaces are both made of steeling silver. However, the necklace with the tassel is plated in rose gold, while the tassel remains silver. When layering these necklaces, make sure to clasp one of them a bit higher as to vary their lengths as both fall in similar places.

If you’re going for a truly bold look, combine all 4 necklaces. The difference in lengths, metals and designs will break up any outfit and add a distinct personal touch. All the pieces feature stars or star-like motifs, except for one, and they all have a similar free-spirited tone. The running theme keeps the look from looking messy.

How To Expertly Layer Jewellery
Guess Equilibre | Rose PVD Dual Logo Necklace

If you want the look, yet you’re not ready to experiment on your own, try a necklace like this. Many brand jewellery brand have similar designs for imitating layered looks without the hassle. This Guess necklace is a perfect example. It includes chain variety. It also has different pendants, while still maintaining a similar design effect. The necklace is made of rose gold PVD plated stainless steel.

How to layer bracelets

Layering bracelets isn’t anything new. The trend was exceptionally popular in the 2010s, however not many of us knew how to properly execute a bracelet stack. Tips for bracelet stacks are a combination between the tips for stacking rings and layering necklaces. For example, when layering bracelets mixing metals and materials creates a more dynamic look, but it’s good to vary the thickness of the bracelets or bangles. Unlike necklaces, bracelets tend to pile one on top of the other, similarly to rings, so varying their sizes will give a more put together look. And finally, to achieve a modern stylish look and not look like you’re from 2012, keep the stacks simple. Two or three bracelets on one arm is enough to highlight your style and elevate your outfit.

For an elegant yet fresh look, combine these bracelets by Thomas Sabo and ChloBo. The thick ChloBo chain bracelet is made of sterling silver and plated with yellow gold. It’s thick design will add a contemporary tone to your look. In contrast, the sterling silver Thomas Sabo bracelet will tone the gold one down and add a sophisticated touch. Its thin dainty chain and pearls will accent the softness of your outfit. The different tones of the bracelets, one masculine, one feminine, balance each other perfectly and make for an appealing pairing.

Did you learn anything new on how to expertly layer jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.

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