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The History Of Michel Herbelin Watches

The History Of Michel Herbelin Watches

Michel Herbelin is amongst the most popular French watchmakers. The brand’s high-quality and elegant design, combined with unprecedented precision create an irresistible timepiece. These timepieces are a must-have in any French watch connoisseurs collection. Spanning more than 70 years, the history of Michel Herbelin watches starts with a dream and an aspiration to create an exceptional piece which would return French watchmaking to its former glory.

A Family Business

The brand was found in Charquemont, the epicentre of French watchmaking, in 1947. Though his parent’s intended for him to inherit their business, Michel Herbelin saw a different future for himself. With a passion for mechanics and an eye for precision, he dedicated his life to watchmaking. After working several years in a local watch factory, the young entrepreneur was not satisfied with the quality of the watches produced and took it upon himself to create highly precise timepieces which would meet his standards. At the age of 26, Michel Herbelin opened his studio in his parent’s house and began creating his first timepieces.

By sourcing both Swiss and French parts from the surrounding area, Michel Herbelin managed to create incredibly accurate and elegant eye-catching timepieces. He named his first ever timepiece the IMPECC, derived from “Impeccable”. This clearly showcased his dedication to making watches with outstanding quality and the great belief he had in his brand. In 1965 encouraged by the success of his collections, the IMPECC was renamed to Michel Herbelin.

The History Of Michel Herbelin Watches

Unlike other watchmakers in the 1980s Michel Herbelin did not feel threatened by the new innovations surrounding the rising popularity of the quartz movement. He saw this as an opportunity to enhance and expand his brand. His two sons had joined the business by this time and it appeared a fitting time to look towards the future with fresh eyes.

The core beliefs of the brand are centred around a seamless blend of traditional expertise and youthful experimentation. Embracing the ever changing future is what has kept the Michel Herbelin brand alive and thriving throughout the years. Now, 73 years after its creation, Michel Herbelin is still a family business and still independent with three of his grandchildren involved in the running of the company. 


The History Of Michel Herbelin Watches

Michel Herbelin | Mens | Newport | Blue And Black Chronograph | Rubber |

The Newport models are amongst the most iconic models by the brand. The line is inspired by maritime watches and is popular amongst marine sport enthusiasts. Its nautical elements make it a sporty and appealing model with a highly practical design. This Newport model has a stainless steel case measuring at 43 mm in diameter. Its bezel is PVD coated with anthracite grey. The black dial is complemented by the sunray blue subdials for the chronograph and the matching blue ring. Large luminescent hands and indices guarantee ease of reading in all conditions and add to the utilitarian look of the model. A date aperture is featured between the 4 and 5 o’clock hour-markers. A black leather strap with double blue top-stitching ties in the design. Functions on the model include a small seconds indicator, 10 hours and 30 minute counters. The model has a quartz movement. 

epsilon womens

Michel Herbelin | Womens | Epsilon | Stainless Steel Bracelet | White Dial |

The brand’s Epsilon models are synonymous with French elegance. The collection’s clean classic silhouettes allow for the sophisticated high-end design to shine through. All model’s in the collection hold an awe-inspiring refined quality. This timeless women’s model is made of stainless steel. The round case measures at 28 mm and is encased by a sapphire crystal. Its design is delicate and feminine. A matt white dial with painted black Roman-numeral hour markers highlights it’s enduring style. 

The History Of Michel Herbelin Watches

Michel Herbelin Classic Date Display Gold Stainless Steel Case Brown Leather

Michel Herbelin’s Classic collection showcases the brand’s core values beautifully. This classic men’s model holds within itself the refinement of French culture and the high-quality precision typical for the brand. The case measures at 38 mm and is made of yellow gold PVD coated stainless steel. The crystal on the model is sapphire. A brown leather strap highlights the warm tones of the design and completes the appealing vintage look of the watch. The white sectioned dial is contrasted by painted black Roman-numeral hour markers. Black and gold leaf-shaped hands tie in the dial design. A subtle date aperture features at the 6 o’clock position. The movement on the  watch is Quartz. 

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