The History Of MeisterSinger

The History Of MeisterSinger

The history of MeisterSinger is a story of taking time to appreciate each and every moment. The brand’s unique design and even more unique philosophy have blended in an exceptional singularity which has allowed the founder’s vision to flourish. Inspired by the dawn of time measurement, MeisterSinger strives to simplify our approach to timekeeping. Relying on technical and cultural traditions and expertise MeisterSinger has proven it has something to offer no other brand has.

The Beginning And A Vision

Beginning in 2001, the history of MeisterSinger might not be long, however it is rich. Founder Manfred Brassler has ensured that each and every moment has been seen as a unique opportunity to improve and better the brand. Already possessing extensive knowledge from his previous watchmaking and jewellery endeavours, Mr. Brassler seeked to create something more than a watch brand. He saw the consumer’s need for quality over quantity. His understanding of how difficult it had become for watch brands to stand out amongst the competition led him to choose to stray from the “accepted” and venture back in time. He wanted to make an instrument of measurement. This idea gave birth to a new timekeeping concept. It prioritised simplicity and clarity. Watches and clocks in the past had been seen as indispensable equipment rather than accessories and that is what MeisterSinger became all about. A brand which produces exceptional mechanical timepieces which help you stay in the moment. 

The MeisterSinger Philosophy And Design

The History Of MeisterSinger

MesiterSinger approaches time in a distinctly different way to other brands. The brand holds the belief that we should be approaching time in a more relaxed way. Every moment, down to the thousandth of a second is unique and unrepeatable. Each timepiece is designed to only have one hand mimicking the first timepieces ever made, all of which had one hand. MeisterSinger wants to go back to a more intuitive way of telling time and is behind a push towards returning to our roots. The brand believes that we have become overly dependent and instead of making time work for us we are fighting against. This imaginative way of timekeeping allows us to return to your basic human nature and see the bigger picture in the small details. 

The watches designed by MeisterSinger are not only traditional in philosophy and basic design but in aesthetic as well. A clean simplistic design, showcasing only the most essential elements of the watch allows for the brand’s models to remain timeless no matter the fashion. 

The Logo And Brand Name

A Meistersinger was a member of a German lyrical poetry guild during the 14th to 16th centuries. The Meistersingers continued and expanded the role of the medieval Minnesingers. Wagner created an opera by the name of “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” or the “The Master-Singers of Nuremberg”. The opera tells the story of a musical competition. Whoever managed to strike the best new note won the title of Mesitersinger. Inspired by this the brand continuously strives to innovate and develop its core concept of a more relaxed approach towards telling time. The logo is also musically inspired. The fermata symbolises a break or a pause for an unspecified period, which symbolises a call to take the time to appreciate each moment.

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