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ChloBo Children’s Bracelets

ChloBo Children’s Bracelets

Children love to imitate. They watch us and absorb everything we do. From how we speak to what we wear and eat, children are constantly learning from us. It is only natural, when a child sees their parents wearing jewellery that they want to wear some too. Jewellery can be an important learning tool about self expression, as well as a tool to teach kids about responsibility and taking care of their belongings. Why not surprise your little one with one of these charming ChloBo children’s bracelets or match your ChloBo jewellery to your child’s for one of those adorable coordinated looks everyone loves. ChloBo’s pieces are not only beautiful but hold a deeper meaning making them an ideal introduction piece for children.

 moon and stars charm

ChloBo Childrens | Cute Moon And Stars | Bracelet

This bracelet is made of sterling silver and features a moon and stars charm. The charm is a moon with three stars, stacked one on top of the other, connecting the points of the crescent to create a continuous design. As we mentioned above, every ChloBo charm has a deeper spiritual meaning. The moon is connected to creativity and wisdom. The stars are symbols of hope and guidance. The bracelet itself is made up of longer curved tube pieces and beads.

ChloBo Children’s Bracelets

ChloBo Children’s Cute Mini Horseshoe Bracelet

As they were traditionally made of iron, horseshoes are associated with luck and have been seen as a protection symbol for centuries. The ChloBo horseshoe bracelet will definitely be a hit, whether your child is a fan of horses or you want to make sure they’re always lucky. The bracelet itself is similar to the moon and star’s bracelet above. It’s made up of larger sterling silver tube pieces and shorter silver beads.

freshwater pearl beads

ChloBo | Forever Love | Pearl Bracelet | 15cm |

Above all else, love is the most important and necessary thing you can give to a child. Gift this delicate freshwater pearl bracelet to your little one as a reminder of how much you love them. The pearls on the bracelet are interspersed with sterling silver beads. The bracelet features a heart charm and a larger silver bead charm.

ChloBo Children’s Bracelets

ChloBo Childrens Cute Elephant Charm Bracelet

An elephant never forgets. They are remarkable creatures and amongst the smartest and most empathetic animals on the planet. They symbolise wisdom, compassion and strength. Majestic and gentle, they are the perfect way to help your child learn about relationships with others and how to treat each other with love and kindness. This simple bracelet is made up of round polished sterling silver beads.

ChloBo Children’s Bracelets

ChloBo | Children’s Mini Cube Double Feather Bracelet |

A feather is a reminder to trust that you are never alone. It is associated with personal and spiritual connections and seen as a message from the universe. In addition, it also symbolises new beginnings and courage. This bracelet is made of sterling silver with round and cube-shaped beads. The charm on the piece represents two different sized feathers.

Which of these ChloBo children’s bracelets do you love best? Let us know in the comments below.

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