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Thomas Sabo Mix And Match Earrings

Thomas Sabo Mix And Match Earrings

This year we have seen many new and unusual trends when it comes to both jewellery, watches and clothing. Some of the currently popular fashions are re-surfaced trends from the past while others are fresh and contemporary. One of these trends coming off the autumn/winter catwalks is mismatched earrings. Fun, playful and definitely unusual it allows for endless possibilities and combinations. Gone are the days where you had to agonise over which pair of earrings to wear daily, now you can wear both. Thomas Sabo is a brand which has wholeheartedly embraced the endless possibilities of this trend. Below we have created a list of Thomas Sabo mix and match earrings in suggested pairings to get you started on this new, exciting and boundless fashion journey.


If you’re looking for a fun and youthful way to express yourself, you can never go wrong with hearts. Add a bit of interest and a fresh sweet tone to any outfit by combining the single ear cuff and this heart stud. Both are made of sterling silver. The cuff is designed to be worn anywhere on the ear and doesn’t need a piercing making it ideal for anyone who wants to experiment. The heart stud is set with several small crystals. 


If you want to wear mismatched earrings while still keeping to a theme, the sky is your limit. These charming moon and star studs are subtle yet fashionable for those who just want to try the trend out. This celestial combination is sure to bring a touch of whimsy and magic to your outfit. The studs are sterling silver. Both of the earrings are set with small crystals adding a touch of glam and sparkle. 


This trend isn’t only suitable for everyday wear and casual events. Add a touch of flamboyance and flair to an evening gown or a sharp suit with this dazzling combination. The earrings are both made of sterling silver. One of the studs is simple and features three crystals set in a pyramid shape, the other stud has an anchor shape with a stud at the top and smaller crystals at the bottom. The earring is designed to go behind the ear lobe and give the appearance that you are dripping in diamonds. 


If you’re one of those people who are all or nothing this combination is the one for you. The trend is designed for people to experiment with their fashion expression and break down the perceived invisible borders we place on ourselves. If you’re tempted by this combination, you have probably been mismatching your earrings for ears. Now is your time to truly shine. Combine the chain ear cuff with the half hoop for an edgy contemporary look. The ear cuff does not need a piercing to attach and can be placed anywhere on your ear, however, the bottom part of the chain needs to be attached to another earring to hold it in place. The half hoop hugs the bottom of your earlobe. It’s set with crystals down its length and features a star shape in the middle of the stud.

Mixed Metals

If you’re looking to experiment with mixing metals, we suggest this combination for you as the designs are kept simple and the spotlight is taken by the colour of the metals. The studs are identical in design. Three crystals set in a slight curve which follows the ears gentle slope. One of the studs is made of 18 karat yellow gold while the other one is made of sterling silver. 

Which of these Thomas Sabo mix and match earrings are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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