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Mermaid Inspired Watches by Olivia Burton

Mermaid Inspired Watches

Calling all mermaid lovers! In recent years mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes have risen in popularity. As a result of this, many companies have begun creating merchandise to support the trend, from stationery to clothing. One of the biggest trends is, of course, mermaids. Mermaid merchandise is hard to come by, especially within the watch and jewellery industry but not anymore!

A recent watch release from the popular accessory brand, Olivia Burton, has prompted us to put together our recommendations for mermaid inspired watches. Olivia Burton has touched on sea-inspired accessories in the past but now their collection includes a wider variety of mermaid themed pieces.

If you are looking to take the plunge and add some mermaid inspired watches to your wardrobe then here are our recommendations.

Mermaid Inspired Watches

Olivia Burton Mermaid Tail Demi Dial Silver Boucle Mesh Watch

Mermaid Inspired Watches

Finding a watch with mermaid scales as the focus of the dial is very hard to come by, making this watch a rare find. If you are mermaid obsessed and want to incorporate more mermaid merchandise into your everyday style then this timepiece is the perfect match.

To complement the pastel mermaid scales on the dial is a silver stainless steel case and strap- this would look gorgeous paired with other silver jewellery pieces.

Olivia Burton Mermaid Tail Demi Dial Rose Gold Boucle Mesh Watch

Olivia Burton

If silver is not your first choice but you like the outgoing mermaid scales on the dial there is a second version of this model which comes in rose gold. The scales, the main feature of this rare timepiece, are brighter in colour than the previous model which is suited to those that strive to be bold with their everyday attire.

To complement the overall contemporary feel of this model the rose gold strap comes in a modern mesh which would look beautiful paired with rose gold jewellery from Olivia Burton’s vast collection.

Olivia Burton Deep Sea Midi Dial Faux Pearl Markers

Mermaid Inspired Watches

If you adore the mermaid trend but prefer a subtle style then this is the timepiece for you. The dial showcases a blue and purple colour scheme which is both elegant and eye-catching. A beautiful shell sits at the 12 o’clock position on the dial which has been combined with faux pearl markers.

This timepiece features a deep sea theme not only characterised by the colour scheme but the small and important detailing crafted by Olivia Burton. Although this model comes with a silver bracelet strap, there is also a version in gold and rose gold. Now, you can fulfil your subtle mermaid style no matter which metal colour you prefer!

Olivia Burton Wonderland Mother Of Pearl Demi Dial Silver Watch

Mermaid Inspired Watches

The final mermaid inspired watch that we are recommending is the ‘Wonderland’ model which comes with a mother of pearl dial. Mother of pearl is a common dial choice within the watch industry which is a subtle reference to the underwater world.

This model showcases elegance and sophisticated and was made for those who consider themselves the Queen of Atlantis. The silver case and strap has been paired with rose gold markers, perfect for those who seek two-tone accessories.

Which mermaid inspired watch is your favourite from our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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