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A Guide On Buying a Gentleman’s Smartwatch

A Guide On Buying a Gentleman's Smartwatch

No one can deny that technology is fantastic. It keeps us connected and is an amazing source of information. Technological advancements have made it possible for us to carry around the world in our pockets and fairly recently on our wrists too. Smartwatches are a fast-growing part of the watch industry. Soon smartwatches won’t be just a practical accessory but an essential part of our daily lives. With such a large range of options, having to make the right choice can be overwhelming. If you want to take advantage of these amazing new technologies, but you have no idea where to start, we have a solution. To assist you, we have compiled a guide on buying a gentleman’s smartwatch. Whether you’re looking for something with a classic high-end look or a more sporty-chic luxury design there is a smartwatch out there for you. 

Most people buy a smartwatch because of its practicality and usefulness. When you’re looking to purchase a smart device the most important thing you need to ask yourself is what you will use the device for. What will its intended purpose be? Are you purchasing it to monitor your training or are you looking for an everyday piece to help with your busy lifestyle? Different devices are tailored towards different activities so its important to establish the most vital functions of the smartwatch for you. 


A Guide On Buying a Gentleman's Smartwatch

Kronaby 38mm SEKEL Bluetooth Black Leather Strap A1000-0657

Smartwatches can be amazing tools when it comes to organizing your life and maintaining a good work-life balance. Kronaby is a brand that focuses on taking away distractions from your life and helping you focus on what’s important. Their goal is to help you improve yourself and live a stress-free life. The Sekel model is versatile and classy. Its design makes it suitable for formal occasions and for everyday wear. The stainless steel case and black leather strap give the watch a classic sophisticated silhouette. The dial is brushed sterling silver and adds to the luxurious feel of the model. Hands in blue and silver complement the dial and the applied silver indices. Keeping in line with Kronaby’s values of eliminating distractions from your life, the watch has a feature which will filter notifications for you, only alerting you when you receive a message or call through an app you’ve deemed important. Some of the smart features include an alarm setting, automatic time zones, step counter. The smart features can be controlled through the push-pieces on the side of the watch. You can skip or play songs and take a photo from your phone as well as locate your phone from your watch or your watch from your phone. 

Sports and Training

athlete marq

Garmin MARQ Athlete | Black Rubber Strap

Garmin’s Athlete is the ultimate sport’s smartwatch. Inspired by athletes, this watch has everything you need to help take you to that next level. Like Kronaby’s Sekel model, Garmin’s mission is also to aid you in improving yourself and your lifestyle. But while the previous smartwatch we suggested keeps you organized, the Athlete will help you reach peak physical condition. Garmin’s luxury MARQ range is created to push you to succeed. Made from titanium with a silicone strap, the model is lightweight and durable. The design is rugged and masculine, but the ability to personalize the dial makes this watch incredibly versatile and allows you to effortlessly go from the gym to the office without so much as a second thought. The model has a range of biometric sensors to track your progress, activity and your health. The watch records and gives you a report on your performance so that you can better tailor your training plan. It will predict your progress and help you adjust the pace and schedule to better suit your needs. With over 150 pre-loaded activities, the Athlete has you covered no matter the sport. 



Withings Move ECG | Black & Yellow | Activity Tracker

While almost all smartwatches help us be significantly more aware of our health through step counters and heart rate monitors, no other smartwatch takes care of your health like the Withings Move ECG. The model has a built-in electrocardiogram and monitors your heart rate for any irregularities. If any are detected, the watch alerts you to seek medical help immediately and produces an ECG you could view through the app connected with the watch. The watch also monitors your activity levels and sleep patterns. Its sleek all-black design gives it a distinctive modern look. The watch dial also features a step counter, allowing you to keep track of your daily progress. 

constant health

Frederique Constant Mens Horological Smartwatch Bluetooth Brown Leather Strap

Frederique Constant offers you the best of both worlds. The brand has combined an elegant and high-end design with innovative smart technology to bring you this stunning model. Understanding the importance of good sleep and appropriate activity levels on a person’s health, Frederique Constant aims to offer its customers a way to monitor and improve their habits without sacrificing style for functionality. The watch will provide you with reports on your activity and sleeping patterns for the day, week or month. It will guide you to implement small changes in order to improve your overall health and motivate you to keep up with your personal health goals. The model also features sleep cycle alarms, to help you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

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