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5 Watches For Summer Fitness

5 Watches For Summer Fitness

There’s no denying that we have all eagerly awaited summer this year. With all gyms and public exercise areas being closed or inaccessible during the pandemic, the options we have had in order to remain active have been limited. An unexpected positive effect of being quarantined for several months has been the collective realisation of how important our physical health is. Many people have taken up fitness, yoga and exercising as ways to stay active at home. Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted and the weather is warming up it’s only natural we want to take advantage. After months of being locked away, nothing feels better than a jog through the park on a crisp summer morning or doing yoga on a nice warm day. If you hope to carry on with your newly acquired healthy habits and hobbies outside and after quarantine has ended, we present you with these 5 watches for summer fitness. These models will aid you in more easily keeping track of your health and progress, making sure you keep on top of your goals.

5 Watches For Summer Fitness

Garmin MARQ Athlete | Black Rubber Strap

This model is the ultimate luxury fitness watch. The Garmin MARQ Athlete is created specifically with athletes and their needs in mind. Inspired by those determined to succeed, the watch comes with preloaded fitness applications. With features added to the model, you are sure to stay one step ahead of your competition. The titanium bezel shows you recovery times and VO2 max scales. The large case is made of durable lightweight titanium. To make sure the model isn’t hindering your performance, the strap is made of high-performance rubber. The model tracks a range of biometrics, from heart rate to stress levels. The Athlete features functions to predict future fitness performance, aiding you in tailoring your regime for the best results possible.

Fenix 6 X Solar

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar Titanium | Carbon Grey DLC | Black Strap

Garmin’s Fenix 6X Pro Solar is ideal for those who prefer long expeditions to high-intensity training. This model’s solar charging capabilities extend its battery life of up to 24 days. You never again have to worry about the smartwatch losing charge and you losing your way. The Pro Solar will face any challenge with you and help you come out on top. The case is made of titanium coated in Diamond-like carbon, which guarantees the durability of the model. Highly functional, some of the features included on this model are GPS/GLONASS, heart rate monitor, barometer and altimeter, point to point navigation, ClimbPro ascent planner and many more.

Grit X

Polar Grit X Green Strap Medium/Large

The Polar Grit X is the newest addition to the brand’s multisport range. If you partake in a host of different sports and activities you might consider this model. The Grit X sports a lightweight comfortable yet durable design. The case is made of extremely high strength stainless steel and the strap is made of silicone. Whatever your sport is, the smartwatch supports 130 different sports and has a variety of features and applications. Features include route guiding and planning, cycling, running or swimming sensors. The model is compatible with the brand’s Polar Flow application to help you in analyzing your results and improving your performance on your way to greatness.

Vivomotive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3 HR Multisport Tracker White Rubber Rose Gold

If you are looking for something more casual to help you with your day to day fitness needs, we suggest the Garmin Vivoactive 3 multisport watch. The model is chic and stylish, with a rose gold stainless steel bezel and a white silicone strap. The silhouette is clean and simplistic making the design versatile and appropriate to wear while exercising or as an everyday accessory. A customizable dial lets you get the most out of the watch. The Vivoactive 3 has 15 preloaded activity apps. Features include stress and steps trackers and heart rate monitor, alongside GPS and Garmin Pay, contactless payment app.

withings ecg move

Withings Move ECG | Black & Yellow | Activity Tracker

A classic, understated model, this watch is as at home at the gym as it would be in the office. In the last six months, we have truly understood the importance of taking care of our health. The Withing ECG Move model places a focus on what’s truly important. The watch comes with a built-in electrocardiogram to detect atrial fibrillation and work towards preventing serious damage by taking preventative actions and urging you to seek medical attention if an issue arises. To help you track your activity levels, the ECG Move records your steps during the day and displays them on the dial, informing you how much more you have left of your daily goal. The smartwatch also comes with a workout mode. The feature starts a chronometer and tracks your activity as well as your route recorded via GPS. The watch produces a report which is available for you to access at any point via the app.

Have you taken up a new sport or hobby during lockdown? Let us know in the comments down below. Find these 5 watches for summer fitness and other smartwatch models on our website here.

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