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The History of Garmin Watches

The History of Garmin Watches

Garmin is a massively successful multinational technology company. The brand develops a large range of products in a number of fields. Garmin is involved with the aviation, marine, automotive, fitness and outdoor industries. Committed to innovation and providing superior products to its customers, the brand has been a leader in navigation technology since its founding. They are dedicated to building products that last and surpassing expectations. Build on the values of honesty and integrity, Garmin is a brand you can truly rely on to deliver products with an outstanding performance.

The History of Garmin Watches: Beginnings, products and expansions

Garmin was found in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao under the name ProNav. The name was later changed to Garmin from the combination of the first names of its founders. The company’s first product was aimed at the maritime market. The GPS 100 debuted in 1990 and was a panel-mounted GPS receiver. The brand was met with success early on and in 1991 it was contracted by the US Military. From early on Garmin’s focus has been on GPS and handheld navigation systems. The brand expanded its reach and introduced its first automotive product in 1997 with the launch of the GPS III. By 1999 the company was ready for a new challenge. Searching for a new avenue to excel in Garmin partner with AirCell, an airborne cellular provider. This co-operation helped the brand grow its product range and establish itself in the aeronautics field.

The companies collaborated on developing affordable flight communication and navigation and making them accessible to the masses. The device enables people to use the same phone and cell number on land, at sea or in the air. When the new millennium arrived, Garmin had already become an expert in handheld navigation. The brand released the eTrex model. It was compact, highly durable, yet waterproof, GPS receiver. In 2003 the company acquired UPS Aviation Technologies, later renamed to Garmin AT. This allowed them to expand their product line into panel-mounted GPS and navigation and integrated cockpit systems. That same year Garmin entered the watch industry by releasing the Forerunner series, specifically models 101, 201 and 301. The 201 and 301, and every subsequent model, include a feature allowing the wearer to upload the training data gathered to a personal computer. 

Since 2003 the brand has expanded more and more into wristwear. With an initial focus on running specifically, Garmin watches have now become multisport smartwatches. The brand has released specified models for a range of activities, from swimming and golf to hiking. The watches include a host of biosensors and can monitor heart rate, performance, activity and calorie trackers and many more. Staying true to their origins, their models also have integrated GPS and a number of satellite navigation systems. In their more recent models, amongst other features, Garmin has also introduced Spotify, Bluetooth and a contactless payment option.

The History of Garmin Watches: Garmin and Sports

Garmin has been involved in the world of sports not only through their advanced wristwear technology. Garmin has partnered with the English Premier League several times. First in 2007 to 2009 with Middlesborough, and then in 2014 with Southhampton. The brand also sponsored the EF Pro Cycling professional cycling team from 2008 to 2016. 

Continually investing in new research, the brand has not stopped searching for ways to better itself and its merchandise. Garmin’s dedication to innovation and technological advancements is what truly separates them from others and allows them to create and present an outstanding product.

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