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The Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition!

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Oris continue their mission to bring change to for the better with the Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition! This follows on from models such as the Oris Great Barrier Reef, the Clean Ocean Limited Edition, and even the Movember Edition too!

Oris use their platform to not only raise awareness for issues around the world, but to raise money too, and are helping to support some of the less-talked about problems we are facing today. The majority of issues and charities supported by the work of Oris are connected to the environment, and especially the ocean, and lakes. This has been seen previously with their support of Hammerhead conservation, as well as their Staghorn coral project too.

The work that the brand, and the organisations that they support, so is fantastic, and goes a long way to helping the areas of our planet that need it. It is also another great way for us to get involved and do our bit, by purchasing these watches, and even just talking about them, the attention on these issues is increasing, which is certainly a start in the right direction!

For this latest project, Oris have released a new version of their high-performance Aquis diver’s watch, which has been produced in partnership with the Lake Baikal Foundation. The foundation works to research and conserve Siberia’s Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest freshwater lake.

The Lake Baikal Foundation

Oris are not only proud to be working with the Lake Baikal Foundation, but to be raising funds in support of ‘Point No.1’ too! This is a conservation project being run by the Scientific Research Institute of Biology at Irkutsk State University, set up to conserve Lake Baikal, and supported by the foundation.

The Lake Baikal Foundation are an environmental non-profit organisation who specialize in water and biodiversity conservation, as well as sustainable tourism and environmental education too.

The foundation was established on November 22, 2016, as they began a journey to promote natural science, humanitarian projects and initiatives that are designed to preserve and develop the Baikal territory and the lake itself.

A Deeper Issue.

Located in the extensive geographical region of Sibera, Lake Baikal is believed to be 25 million years, and has a huge importance in the surrounding locations, and all over the world. 20 percent of the earths fresh lake water reserves are held in the lake, as well as over 50 percent of the planet’s drinkable freshwater too, proving it’s importance.

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world, reaching a huge 1,642 meters at it’s lowest depth, which is roughly 5 of the Eiffel Tower, almost 4 of the Empire State Building and 2 of the Burj Khalifa! Not only does it have an incredible depth, but it is also fed by some 300 rivers too!

The lake is home to thousands of species or endemic plants and animals, which are all being put at risk by the pollution made by human’s, with industry being the largest threat to the lake.

What is Point No.1?

‘Point No.1’ is the short name for the Pelagic Station No.1, located in Southern Baikal. The station is not far from the Biological Station of the Institute of Biology of the Irkutsk State University that we mentioned previously.

‘Point No.1’ is also another name for the long-term ecological monitoring project at Lake Baikal, which was launched all the way back in 1945.

When, and why, was it founded?

The Lake Baikal monitoring program was launched in February 1945 by the world famous Lake Baikal researcher, Professor Mikhail Kozhov, during the Second World War.

The program was launched long before ‘ecological monitoring’ became a widely used term. The idea of the program was to observe the unique ecosystem of the lake and the surrounding land in an attempt to better prevent and react to the challenges and threats to the eco-community by taking phytoplankton and zooplankton samples.

This was not the only goal, as they also looked to study the omul fish, a resident of the lake, and hoped to increase its productivity. The data collected from these studies was recorded in a unique and highly valuable database that is available to the worldwide scientific community.

Averting threats to the lake

There are a number of threats to the longevity and health of the lake; atmospheric inputs and anthropogenic impacts from tourism. These threats include sewage and local pollution, as well as industry created pollution form around the world.

Overcoming these is key to the lake’s ecosystem, and it begins with education, and is supported by regulating nature usage and practical steps being taken locally.

Oris Lake Baikal 1

The Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition

The Oris Lake Baikal Limited Edition has been based on the tried, tested and hugely popular Aquis. This high-tech dive watch is the base for most of the brands special edition pieces, and it is clear to see why. Not only is this a highly functional, and reliable dive watch, but it is also fantastic looking. An iconic style that can be worn for almost any occasion and is perfect for those who are diving enthusiasts and those who are looking for a good-looking and reliable timepiece too!

Each watch in the limited edition run of 1,999 will come finished with a special case back decoration that is inspired by the frozen ice of Lake Baikal. A true natural piece of art that can be seen when the lake begins to freeze during the extremely cold winter months of Siberia. The case back will also come engraved with the limited edition number of the watch too.

The number of watches, 1,999, has been chosen to signify the historic year that Russia adopted the Baikal Law, a law set in place to protect the lake.

Additional Features;

  • 43.50 mm Case
  • Sapphire Anti-Reflective Glass
  • Engraved Screw-Down Case Back
  • Screw-Down Security Crown
  • 30 bar (300m) Water Resistance
  • Oris 733 Automatic Winding Movement
  • Date Display
  • Date Corrector
  • 38 Hour Power Reserve
  • Superluminova BG W9 Coated Hands & Indices
  • Special Box & Certificate
  • Limited To 1999 Pieces

Take a closer look, and purchase the watch through our site by clicking here! This is a limited model, so be quick whilst stocks last!

Oris Lake Baikal
Oris Lake Baikal
Baikal ice

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