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The AlpinerX Space Edition is Here!

The AlpinerX Space Edition is Here

The AlpinerX Space Edition is the watch that has successfully been launched into space by Alpina. The watch reached an astounding altitude of 33,793 meters. With planet Earth’s highest summit being 8,848 at the summit of Mount Everest, this is certainly a fantastic accomplishment for the Swiss watch brand.

Maxing out the altimeter function of the AlpinerX, Alpina watches have once again proved the fortitude and quality of their technology and watch-making expertise.

Alpina has recently launched a new ‘Reach your Summit’ campaign. The brand has started producing professional sports watches, that are made to perform to the highest levels of precision. Including the AlpinerX, the Space Edition is made to salute the efforts made 50 years ago, that saw the first human beings to walk on the moon. This was an event that captivated audiences around the world and changed the perception of what is possible through science and engineering.

It was July 20th, 1969, when the first step was taken by a human on the surface of Earth’s moon. Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin explored the area around their lunar lander and then collected different samples of rock and soil as they went. While on the moon they also set up experiments, and of course planted the US flag to mark the monumental moment.

Sending the AlpinerX into space.

Alpina’s mission to send the AlpinerX to space has been done in partnership with ‘Sent into Space‘, a company that specializes in Space photography. Based in Sheffield, Sent into Space were able to film the watch throughout its 3-hour journey!

The film shows fantastic footage of the AlpinerX as it travels through the troposphere, and on into the stratosphere. With planet Earth as the backdrop, this footage is definitely worth taking a look at. Once the watch had returned to Earth, ‘Sent into Space’ were able to recover it. It was found roughly 60km away from where it was first launched.

This groundbreaking AlpinerX is now available to view inside the Alpina museum. You can find the museum in Plan-les-Outes, Geneva, Switzerland.

Who are ‘Sent into Space’?

Send into Space Ltd is a fantastic company that specializes in the very unique area of sending items into space. Working out of Sheffield, in the UK, the brand has now gone global. They are known as the experts in Near Space, allowing them to apply cutting-edge research and innovation and offer exciting experiences.

One of the main things ‘Send into Space’ does is make footage for product advertising. The brand has taken eye-catching, dramatic and intriguing videos for brands such as Audi, Google, Sony, Xbox and the BBC. Impressively, the company has over 500 flights.

‘Sent into Space’ work alongside schools, conducting educational projects with students of all ages. This includes science lessons surrounding the subject of space. During these, students are able to learn about the equipment and set up their own experiments. The company also has a research department, which has successfully published papers on life in the stratosphere.

AlpinerX Space Edition

AlpinerX Space Edition – Limited to only 299 pieces

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the success of sending the AlpinerX to space, Alpina has created the special edition AlpinerX Space Edition. The model is limited to only 299 pieces. It comes in a rich, blue colour reminiscent of deep space.

The AlpinerX will make no compromises, whilst still combining functionality and style. This exciting new product stays true to the roots of the Alpina brand. It combines an analogue display with a digital screen, all working alongside an impressive set of connected features.

The AlpinerX Space Edition has been carefully designed by an expert team of technicians. The overall result leaves us with a powerful, sporty watch, which has refined details and is made from high-quality materials The AlpinerX is a powerful statement whilst still being an exquisite, wearable timepiece.

AlpinerX Space Edition

The case, bezel, dial and strap of the AlpinerX all pay homage to the vast blue abyss of space. Interest is added through highlights in silver that have been treated with a black luminescent solution. This allows them to glow in the dark, like the stars and planets that populate Space!

In addition, the watch also features a special edition case-back, where you will be able to see a special engraving of the moon in the centre of the triangle Alpina Matterhorn logo. The case back is engraved with the individual watch number too.

This is a fantastic, unique timepiece that is well worth your attention! For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

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