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The Limited Edition G-Shock INSA Watch!

limited edition g-shock

Casio have announced a brand new Limited Edition G-Shock watch to celebrate the career and artwork of renowned UK artist INSA.

About INSA

We first saw the work of INSA back in 2004, where he began to develop what we saw as traditional graffiti letters and style. This was something that had helped him reach the level he was at, but was not his own style. So, he began to create his instantly recognizable bright pink High Heel shoe design everywhere he traveled. This was a vibrant and bold design that has been used all over the world, and not just on high heels!

A movement which was given the name ‘Graffiti Fetish’ grew, and became art that covered canvasses such as whole buildings and luxury cars. This style could be seen across whole blocks in LA, and all the way to Africa too. The idea was for art to play with the idea of ownership and fetishism for the surface or object that would go on to be covered with this iconic design. INSA would play with all kinds of ideas and products that have become regular luxuries in modern day life. The paradoxical nature of his work made INSA question his own role as an artist in a consumerist world, as well as the collective ideals of our modern society.

Now, celebrating 15 years of the ‘Graffiti Fetish’ INSA has gone on to create more and more iconic visual motifs that question modernist and consumerist ideologies. In recent years, INSA has also created a whole new genre of art altogether. Named ‘GIF-ITI’ the genre explores different avenues of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to constantly push the boundaries of how his artwork comes into being.

Limited Edition G-Shock

The Limited Edition G-Shock INSA Watch

In collaboration with INSA, G-Shock have now announced the limited edition DW-5600MW-7INSA, an exclusive UK model.

There will only be 190 pieces available, so this is certainly a hard to get hold of model, that will be popular among collectors!

The timepiece itself celebrates one of the most innovative UK artists of our generation, and a man who’s values align perfectly with those of the G-Shock brand. His history with G-Shock, and love for the brand is clear to see, as is the admiration and respect going the other way.

The iconic ‘high heels fetish’ print that you can see above has been used all over the watch and the packaging too! Printed in black, white and pink, this classic DW-5600 is decorated in an extravagant style, that is sure to stand out from the crowd! This is a fantastic commemorative piece, celebrating 15 years of INSA’s ‘Graffiti Fetish’ movement. Each piece will also arrive with a special edition G-Shock X INSA reusable tote bag too.

Other than the unique style of this model, it also comes fitted with the usual G-Shock features that have made the brand so popular! these include; shock resistance, reliability, durability, 200m water resistance, flash and buzzer alert for alarms set and an EL backlight that illuminates the digital display, all included as standard.

limited edition g-shock

This model is currently only available directly from G-Shock stores. However, for more fantastic G-Shock watches, just click here to see our full range!

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