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HUGO Watches – Time For Self-Expression

Hugo Watches

HUGO watches speak the language of self-expression fluently. They are about individual accents that reflect wearers’ uniqueness, losing nothing in translation. Opportunities replace rules in designs with attitude for wearers to match. Originality is the common denominator of a broad spectrum of eye-catching designs with some teasing twists. These timepieces are the ideal accomplices for up-to-the-minute lifestyles where comfort zones rarely appear on the map. Personality is not negotiable.

Take a look below at some of the most popular and new models from the HUGO brand!


Reach unexplored heights with the HUGO #JUMP collection. This family offers a clean and modern wear at a particularly good price point. However, don’t jump to conclusions too quickly, this timepiece is just as precise and reliable as the best watches out there and will assist you in an impeccable manner at any given time.

Featuring 40mm black IP stainless steel case, black dial, black IP stainless steel bracelet and push button closure. (1530028)

Hugo Watches


Up above the world so high, sparkling in the night sky, the stars have captured our imagination since the dawn of time. Now, HUGO has captured the stars themselves and used diamond dust to depict them against a navy blue or deep black night sky on the dial of selected #IMAGINE models, while versions with glitter effect or sun-ray dials exude pure feminine elegance. Carry the stars with you wherever you go.

The ladies campaign watch features a 35mm black IP case, black diamond dust dial and black IP mesh bracelet. (1540026)

Hugo Watches


Sometimes the best decisions are made using your intuition. Authenticity is about following your instincts and seizing the moment. Blending a progressive design with a contemporary shape, the HUGO ACT watch is your daily cue to walk to the beat of your own drum. Engraved with the world’s most influential cities in the bezel, this watch reminds you to always be true to yourself, no matter where life takes you.

The HUGO ACT watch collection balances minimalism and versatility. The comfortable silicone strap and original mesh bracelet options are fastened to the case with an extra-broad strap attachment for a truly bold statement. Find your style in pared-back shades of blue, black, silver, and brown, with options to combine various colors and materials to make each timepiece uniquely yours. Live your life, be active, and carpe diem.

The campaign watch features a 44mm blue IP case, blue dial and blue mesh IP bracelet. (1530109)

Hugo Watches


Dare to go further and try something new. The HUGO DARE collection pushes and enables you to try new challenges, solve harder problems, and to surpass what you thought was ‘your best’. Don’t get discouraged by what is out there, this timepiece will assist you and provide all the courage you need to push your limits to a new level.

Featuring a 42mm black IP case, black dial and a black IP bracelet. (1530040)



The HUGO DISCOVER collection is everything what you may expect from stylish and casual watches. This collection features distinguishable textured dial case with remarkable elements that perfectly highlight the modern design of the watch.

Featuring a 46mm blue IP case, blue dial and brown leather strap (1530083)


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