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Thomas Sabo Jewellery: The Ultimate Guide

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Thomas Sabo is now a global watch and jewellery brand that dates back to 1984. It all began with Thomas Sabo himself, the founder and his vision to create a wide range of detailed and diverse collections that are top of the trends in both the watch and jewellery market. For those that have a love for jewellery, specifically Thomas Sabo Jewellery, we have put together a comprehensive guide on the jewellery pieces designed and crafted by the brand.

Exciting news regarding Thomas Sabo came to light last week as they announced their new global brand ambassador last week, Rita Ora which you can read more about here.

Here is a glimpse at the new Thomas Sabo and Rita Ora Jewellery collection:

The good thing about Thomas Sabo is that there is something for everyone with collections ranging from ‘Glam and Soul’ to ‘Rebel at Heart’. If you are looking for an intricate and glamorous piece to add to your jewellery box, here are our recommendations.

Thomas Sabo Charms

Thomas Sabo has been designing and creating charms since 2006 when they reached global success. As with their other jewellery pieces, their charms are all part of different collections, here are two charms from their recent collection.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Charm Pendant ‘Royal Heart’

Royal Heart Charm

If you like your jewellery box to be full of colour then this rose gold charm may just be the perfect fit for your style. There is something sleek and sexy about rose gold which is irresistible, especially when it is combined with other rose gold pieces. It is the coloured crystals on this royal heart charm that stand out ranging from a deep purple to red to pink, suited to those seeking a feminine finish to their charm bracelet and overall style.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Charm Pendant Mermaid

mermaid charm

Last year the mermaid fashion trend really took off with turquoise scales and mermaid clothing items galore. Thomas Sabo has represented the mermaid trend well, however, showing off their own unique style. The charm is overall a sterling silver but it is the multi-coloured feature on the tail that really stands out. Thomas Sabo has mixed shades of pink, blue and green for a charm that will certainly catch the eye.

Thomas Sabo Pendants

Pendants are an underrated accessory, however, when styled correctly can be a useful weapon from within your jewellery box. As pendants typically attach to a simple chain, in a colour of your choosing, you can pick a pendant that suits your daily attire, meaning pendants are highly adaptable pieces of jewellery. Here are two Thomas Sabo pendants from the brand recent collections.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery | Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Pendant

Tree of life Pendant

This is a gorgeous and luxurious pendant that will certainly catch the eye. It comes in an overall sterling silver combined with pink, blue and green crystals across the branches of the trees. This pendant shows relations to Thomas Sabo’s Karma collection with one of their watches also featuring the beautiful tree of life. This statement pendant would look gorgeous styled with other pieces of sterling silver jewellery, especially if matched with its pink, green and blue colour combination.

Moonphase Charm | Blackened Sterling Silver

Moonphase Charm

The second pendant that we have picked out shows off more of a celestial style. Celestial styled jewellery is very popular across both the watch and jewellery market at the moment, therefore, this pendant will add a trendy touch to your overall attire. This sterling silver pendant shows the phases of the moon and is well suited to those that strive for an edgy and sophisticated fashion style.

Thomas Sabo Rings

If you are looking for new ways to spice up your everyday outfits then we would recommend adding a ring to your daily attire. Thomas Sabo has a vast collection of rings in a range of different styles meaning that there is something for everyone.

Women’s Glam And Soul Asian Ornaments Ring

Glam and Soul Asian Ring

This is an oriental and eye-catching ring that is aimed at those that love to incorporate rich colours into their jewellery box. It combined a base of rose gold with red and white crystals along the band of the ring. This ring has been intricately designed by Thomas Sabo and is suited to those that strive for a sleek and sophisticated style.

Women’s Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Ring

Cross Ring

Our second choice for a Thomas Sabo ring has more of a simple style yet it is still eye-catching with the white crystals along the band. This ring is well suited to those that consider themselves to have an edgy or alternative style with the cross in the centre of the ring. We would recommend styling this ring with other silver accessories which are crystal set for a look that stands out from the crowd.

Thomas Sabo Bracelets

Thomas Sabo has been making bracelets since the brand began back in 1984. They have several different collections including Little Secrets which was a collection not long released that featured only bracelets.

Sterling Silver Glam And Soul Little Secrets Lotus Flower

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Little Secrets

In 2017, Thomas Sabo released a collection of bracelets called ‘Little Secrets’ which are thin rope bracelets with a charm on them. Each bracelet is different a aims to signify the wishes of the wearer. This particular bracelet is simple in style with a black rope and silver charm. These bracelets are perfect for stacking and are especially good for gifts among friends.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bee Bracelet

Thomas Sabo Jewellery, Bee Bracelet

Our second bracelet recommendation from the Thomas Sabo Jewellery collection features a golden bee on a golden bracelet. If you like jewellery that is inspired by nature then this bracelet has been designed with you in mind. This is an eye-catching bracelet that would look beautiful styled with other pieces of gold jewellery or alternatively worn as a statement piece.

Thomas Sabo Necklaces

Necklaces are a piece of jewellery that can complete a look which is why they are so useful to have in your jewellery box. We have picked out two different necklaces from the vast collections created by Thomas Sabo.

Sterling Silver Multi Stone Dragonfly Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace, Thomas Sabo jewellery

This necklace would be perfect worn as a statement piece. It will certainly draw attention to your persona and help you stand out from the crowd. This necklace combines a beautiful array of spring and summer colours such as pink, amber and turquoise. We would recommend styling this piece with other accessories of the same colour for a look that is coordinated and stylish.

Women’s Glam And Soul Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

This silver and turquoise necklace is bright and bold, suited to those that like to make a fashion statement with their attire. The good thing about this necklace is that there is a range of other pieces within Thomas Sabo’s Jewellery collection that match meaning you can create a stylish coordinated look. We think that this necklace would look hot on holiday, on a beach by the waves.

Thomas Sabo Earrings

Earrings are one of the most notable pieces of jewellery that you can wear, as the right pair of earrings can draw attention to your eyes as well as accentuate your features. Here is a glimpse at some pairs of Thomas Sabo earrings.

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Earstuds Dark-Blue 

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

These earrings are both gorgeous and unique, styling a sterling silver stud with a dark blue stone in the middle. These earrings would look good styled with other dark blue accessories for a look that is both bold and coordinated. We think that these earrings would be good for everyday wear but also would dress up a formal outfit, overall an adaptable pair of earrings.

Women’s Glam And Soul Large Hinged Hoops Silver

Thomas Sabo Jewellery

There is something about having a pair of hoops in your jewellery box that seems essential. They are the perfect accessory if you want to dress up your casual daily attire and are also suitable for occasions more formal. As hoops are a simple, understated piece of jewellery they can be combined with other silver accessories with ease.

What are your thoughts on the Thomas Sabo collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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