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The Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Limited Edition

Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Header

The Hamilton Ventura collection is not only one of the most popular styles from Hamilton, but also one of the most iconic designs in watchmaking too! The Ventura has been around for over 60 years now, and is more popular than ever. It has always been one of the brands flagship collections, and has gained a fantastic reputation among watch collectors around the world. The Ventura has always been evolving and regularly get’s updated by the design team, providing us with a fantastic range of styles to choose from, including today’s Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition!

The Ventura was first made famous when it was seen in the movie Blue Hawaii, on the wrist of Elvis Presley. This was only the start for this model, as it has gone on to become a regular on the big screen, most recently in the Men in Black franchise, and today, in Spider-man: Homecoming. As we know, Hamilton watches in the movies have become a regular thing, and there aren’t much bigger than the latest phase of Marvel movies!

We have looked at what some of the actors who play Marvel characters have worn in real life previously, but today we are looking directly at the movie itself. Specifically the wrist of one Tony Stark!

There’s no plot spoilers ahead, so don’t worry if you’re not up to date!

Hamilton Ventura Skeleton

The Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition

The Watch in question is the Hamilton Ventura Skeleton Auto Limited Edition. A model that was specially created for this role. It first appeared on the wrist of Iron Man in the popular 2017 movie, Spider-man: Homecoming. A main character, in a huge movie, so definitely a bright spotlight for the watch! The Ventura has certainly earned it’s cinematic stripes!

Despite not being made for the wrist of Spidey himself, the watch features an intricate spiderweb design, with it’s skeletonized dial in pure black. A look that provides a view in to the decorated H-10-S movement inside.

We are only just talking about this model now, as the model has only just become available to buy, unless you are Iron Man of course! The piece retails at £1,800, for which you receive a fantastically designed, and refined timepiece, with one of Hamilton’s most reliable and powerful movements.

Limited to only 999 pieces, this is the perfect piece for the collectors!

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