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Tissot Chrono XL Tour De France 2019

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The Tissot Chrono XL is one of the flagship collections from the Swiss watchmaking brand. Offering larger cases, and simpler designs, the collection has grown and grown over the years. The Chrono XL has provided Tissot the ideal base for many of it’s collaborations and Limited Editions too. It’s clean, simple nature allows for a whole world of customization and specialization from the Tissot design team! We have previously seen this model used for the Tissot NBA partnership, where each team has it’s own version of the watch, plus the Tissot NBA collector too!

The relationship between Tissot and the Tour de France has also been long and prosperous. Cycling has been a passion for Tissot for the last 50 years now, and hey have had a huge involvement in the sport in that time. They have sponsored and time-kept for many different events, most notably the Tour de France. Originally the official timekeeper for the race from 1988 – 1992, Tissot made sure to return to the event once again. Since 1995, Tissot has been the official Timekeeper of road, trail, mountain-bike and BMX cycling world championships and world cup cycling time trials.

The Tissot Chrono XL 2019 Special Edition

We are used to seeing the Tissot Tour de France watches come from the T-Race collection. However, this time Tissot have chosen the Chrono XL. The Tissot Chrono XL Tour de France 2019 Special Edition has been created to pay tribute to the fantastic event. Tissot have a long standing partnership with the Tour, making this model a must-have for all cycling fans! The objective for Tissot was to produce a timepiece that offers both a sporty look, and a comfortable wear too! This is definitely something that the team have achieved!

The watch has taken inspiration from the Tour de France in many different ways. Firstly, the dial itself has the spoke pattern of the bike wheel printed in black. This sits on a dark grey dial, making it relatively subtle and tasteful, so that when you choose to wear the black leather strap it is quite the understated and smart look! Talking of straps, this piece comes as part of a set, with a special yellow jersey leather strap too! This strap features a range of different jersey styles printed throughout, in the iconic yellow that can also be found in the chronograph dials, and hands too! Overall, this is a fantastic piece, that is well worth checking out if you are a fan of the sport!

Tissot Chrono XL

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