Which Watches Snooker Players Wear?

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The world snooker championship is set to be concluded on the 6th May, and so, we are going to be looking at some of the watches snooker players have been wearing recently, and some of the best we have seen over the years!

We have looked at what other sports stars and celebrities have worn in the past, just like when we took a look at the Avengers: Endgame cast watches!

The Watches Snooker Players Are Wearing!

Mark Williams was victorious at last years event, which was the 42nd year that the World Snooker Championship has been held at the Crucible. However, it looks like we will be having a different winner this year, as some of the favorites have already been knocked out in the lead up to the grand final. Judd Trump is one of the favouites to win the whole thing, but has played down the expectations; “I am not sure I am the favourite. I am very pleased to still be in, but the winner of Robertson and Higgins will be the favourite. They have been there and won it. I am in there battling – me and Gary will be out there to try to win it for the first time. It is important to get off to a good start. I cannot let someone with so much confidence get in front because it will be too difficult to pull back.”

Whoever is victorious is set to take home a huge jackpot, which can be massive for some of these players, like former taxi driver Gary Wilson. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are on the line in this event, making it one of the most lucrative individual tournaments in the world of sport.

It seems that some of the previous winners, and other members of the snooker elite have had the same idea in the past, spending large portions of their earnings on flashy timepieces that can often be seen table-side.

Marco Fu

Marco Fu is most likely the first player to come to mind when you mention watches and snooker in the same sentence. Fu has actually had a hand in designing his own wristwatch in fact, with support of Hong Kong based tourbillon brand, Memorigin, he created his very own limited edition watch, after three hard months of design work. there are only 147 peices worldwide. 147 of course being the maximum break in snooker, so a really nice ode to his sport. The piece is huge too, and it really stands out when you watch him play, and people often question how it doesn’t affect his game! The cost of the watch is relatively moderate compared to some that we see, with a price tag of roughly £5,000 if you were able to get your hands on one!

Marco fu watches snooker

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Probably the most well known name for those who aren’t dedicated fans of the sport, Ronnie has been known to wear a few different watches in the past. As one of the most successful and talented snooker players of all time, he of course has a large collection, and we have been treated to seeing some of these over the years. The most recent spot is his IWC Pilot’s Watch ‘Tribute To Mark XI’ which is a limited edition of 1,948 pieces, and retails at a cost of around £3,000 – £4,000, and is truly a fantastic collectors piece.

One of the most iconic watches that fans have noticed O’Sullivan wear is an JLC Reverso, which he has often been seen flipping between frames! The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso has became a notorious watch all across the world, thanks to it’s unique design and the reversing case. The tonneau shape of the Reverso seems to be a really popular style for snooker players too, as a large amount of players choose this over a standard round face watch, possibly due to mobility and movement of the wrist?

Despite having his flashy wrist watch by his side, world No. 1 Ronnie O’Sullivan was defeated in the first round by James Cahill, an un-ranked amateur.

Ron Sul watches snooker

Mark Selby

Mark Selby was a favourite to in the whole thing after O’Sullivan was knocked out, however the three time champion failed to succeed in his own match, consequently crashing out of the competition, rather unexpectedly.

We are unsure as to what actually went wrong for Selby, after making hard work of his opponent in the qualifiers, it just didn’t seem to go his way. Another thing we are unsure about is what watch he has been wearing. As per a lot of the watches snooker players wear, Selby has chosen to go with a rectangular piece, this time on a stainless steel metal bracelet. players usually tend to favor the comfort and fit of a leather bracelet, to avoid any movement or weight on their wrist, however Selby has donned this piece many times, which leaves us even more confused to what the watch actually is! A similar design to the Reverso that O’Sullivan has been seen wearing, the watch is sure to be from one of the big Swiss brands, but which one?

If you have any idea what Mark has been wearing recently, then comment down below and let us know!

Mark Selby watches snooker

Judd Trump

The man who may go on to win it all, Judd Trump has achieved the highest break of the tournament, at 141, and is now being tipped to become the victor too!

Now, unfortunately it is not as easy as expected to find out what each player has on their wrist, there are often forums, or sponsorship deals that help us to see exactly what players are wearing. However, for some reason, the camera’s seem to focus on the game rather than the fashionable accessories of the players! Despite this we still get a good look at the styles of watches being worn, and we have seen Trump playing some of his best snooker in a pilots style watch with a metal bracelet, and a stainless steel case. We haven’t been able to find any defining evidence of the particular brand, but we can see that it is a much more refined and thinner watch than many, sitting closer to his wrist, unlike that of Marco Fu!

Judd Trump Watches

We are hoping to be treated to the players very best when the final comes around, in terms of snooker and watches, and will be updating you with everything we find once the winner has been crowned!

If there are any watches you have noticed in the world of snooker be sure to let us know, and we will add them to the list!

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