The U-Boat Capsoil Range!


The U-Boat Capsoil is one of the most popular and unique models from the Italian watchmakers. From the colour changing Classico 45, to the U-42 Unicum, U-Boat are a brand who love to create special, unique watches. These watches have been created to stand out. Make a statement, bringing happiness to people who get to wear and see them! Founder and designer of U-Boat watches, Italo Fontana, had the following to say on his latest creation; “From pure reporter of time to motor of the future, this is the heart of the new Capsoil model”.

U-Boat’s Capsoil is a available in a few different designs. With both chronograph and solotempo versions, and both DLC plated, or stainless steel! You can see the links to each model below;

U-Boat Capsoil

What is the U-Boat Capsoil?

The unique thing about the Capsoil is that an oil bath completely immerses the electromechanics of the timepiece. This isn’t a manufacturing technique used before assembling the watch. The oil’s actually present inside the fully finished watch! this creates a fantastic personality for the watch, and stays true to the brands ideology.

“Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design, combining innovative features with retro-style lines, which prove it as a one of a kind in the world watch market.”

– Italo Fontana
U-Boat Capsoil

The oil bath that is present inside the watch completely surrounds the dial, turning it to an absolute black, completely transforming the look of the watch, and giving it a three dimensional and deep aesthetic! In fact, the liquid completely fills the dial, with the exception of one single air bubble, that is purposely left on every model. This bubble allows the liquid to move, and flow. This then gives yet another unique look, where the dial is ever moving and changing. Despite this, and the darker black look of the dial, the inclusion of this bubble actually provides an amplified view of the hands, which appear to float free above the dial! This is truly a fantastic design, and it is clear to see why Italo is so proud of his creation!

Smaller than some of the other models in the U-Boat range, the Capsoil comes in with a 45mm case. It combines the highest quality convex sapphire crystal, with beige spheres and indexes beneath, allowing the superluminova to shine through. The watch also provides Hermatic Resistance (airtight) up to 10 ATM. This is supported by it’s water-repellent leather strap, which has been handcrafted by expert Florentine artisans.

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