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The New Q Timex 1979 Reissue

Q timex

We have recently looked at the Timex Peanuts collection, but today we look back in to the history of the brand! The Q Timex 1979.

Timex have announced that they will be reissuing the 1979 Q Timex dive watch. This watch was at the forefront of the brands response to the growth of quartz watches in the 70’s. Timex first released the Q Timex back in 1979, as their original diver-inspired timepiece! It gave a new generation a modern Timex watch with quartz technology.

Q Timex – A piece of history!

Now, Timex have decided to bring the watch back, 40 years later, and to celebrate 165 years of the brand! Rather than being a homage piece, this is set to be a true reissue too. Every detail has been recreated, including the period-correct woven stainless steel bracelet and more! Included is the same functional battery hatch, rotating top ring, luminescent paint. The only change is an upgrade inside, to a much more modern, accurate and reliable quartz movement.

Not only are the details all the same, but the design team have used the same design cues too. So the watch looks the same, but will work better, and be tougher! Updated with that modern movement, as well as stainless steel case and bracelet, as well as acrylic crystal domed glass.

“As we celebrate 165 years of quality craftsmanship and innovative timepieces, it’s exciting to be able to reintroduce a watch that transports consumers back to a specific point in time,”
said Silvio Leonardi, senior vice president at Timex Group.

Q Timex

The Q Timex was the first of the quartz watches from the brand, and has helped form the company we know today! The reissue is a fantastic chance to own a watch you may have owned when you were younger, or to own a piece of watchmaking history! Still with the same recognizable features, and design, this has been updated for modern day wearing. Timex have indicated that this will be a limited edition piece too, so get ready to secure yours! It is expected to be availble later on this month, with an RRP of £159.

“The Quartz movement revolution was a transformative time in the watch industry, particularly for Timex because we provided a new quartz movement technology at an affordable price. Our dedication to affordability and quality craftsmanship still holds true today.”

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